1. ACT-shoe-ully….

    When we moved from the Soviet Socialist State of MN to NW Wyoming we got quotes and hired a moving company to come in, pack up the entire house, and move the whole bloody mess for us. Our “starter – five-year house” turned out to be a 27-year stretch, and we went from where I could pack all of my belongings in a single load of a compact pick-up (Mazda/Ranger) when we moved into it to occupying one-half of a full-size semi-trailer when we moved out. But the moving company wouldn’t touch firearms without a complete list of serial numbers (NOT gonna happen), and claimed that regulations stated that they couldn’t move ammo (they lied…they’re only prohibited from moving reloaded non-factory ammo and reloading supplies).

    Along with the big gun safes I had a couple of those cheap “locker-style” gun cabinets, just sheet metal but with good cylindrical locks. I rented a U-Haul trailer and laid a couple of those on the floor. Each long gun was wrapped in a mil-surp wool blanket (we’ve got a bunch of those) and then stacked inside. Hand guns went into cases and then stacked on top. We locked ’em up, and then started hauling the boxes of ammo, some in crates but most in .50-cal mil-surp hinged water-tight boxes. Uncounted loads and several thousands of pounds later I had a massively over-loaded trailer that was still only a quarter-full by volume.

    I pulled that thing with my Tundra across MN, SD, MT and into WY getting something on the order of 11 miles/gallon on a trip where I’d usually get about 25 MPG. My wife had the cat and house plants in her car and we took it slow and made an overnight stop. Unloading at the new house was simple since it had an attached garage; I just backed the trailer up until it was just inside and unloaded straight into the house.

    The moving company was happy to move the two now-empty big gun safes for me since we were paying them by the total weight of the move; their estimator did a great job and was within a couple of hundred pounds of his estimate of the household. They even put the safes down in the basement of the new house right where I wanted them.

    I don’t know if that’s how you’re supposed to do it, but that’s what we did.

  2. Moving sucks. No two ways about it.

    My problem is all the memories of moving – No sweat, I can do this. Done it before. But I’m now 61. What was merely painful back then is excruciating now.

    When the divorce papers were final and we sold the house, I had 30 years of bullshit in it to move. Herself took what she wanted shortly after she left and left me with her hoarder mess to deal with. Even though she said to take what I could, she’d deal with the rest, she didn’t.

    And the buyer said no to a rent back. So I had to 1 – find a place, and 2 – bug out refugee style all in a month – over December, with none but two days vacation time left.

    I’ll be moving again, no doubt, end of year. I’m prep for that I’m simplifying my life and shedding junk. I’ll take my time. I have the cash to rent this place for an additional month to move out at my speed.

  3. You’re moving? Did I miss the notice? I’ve been back and forth to the UK twice in the last two months and going again in July, so I’m not catching every post per normal. Do tell…where is the next Chez Kim?

  4. Hey me too…missed the announcement.

    Left commie East coast state for SW last yr. It took weeks to pack up the POD. 35 yrs in old house. Gave must big stuff to charities. When it arrived at the new house 4 hired young bucks UNloaded everything in 45 minutes. Sold the old safe rather than move it. Bought a huge new one here. “Life is good”

  5. I’ll be escaping the Soviet of Washington next spring. Heading to South Dakota. Wife’s family and good gun laws. Movers are in the plans. No f’ing way I’m moving all our stuff. Though, I might end up hauling more stuff to Goodwill and the dump before then…

  6. Not moving yet. Hard to say what the future holds though. Sounds like the redoubt has been infiltrated. Leftist bastards all over.

    Have to see what happens here in the flat lands.

    But hope your move went well.

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