News Roundup

You’re going to need a drink after seeing this lot.

...nah, not that one;  that’s some other Simon Cowell.  Made you look.

...ah now, that’s Our Simon:  ready to do anything for TV ratings, the foul bastard.

In Glueball Jewhate News:

Relax, Jacques;  it’s Paris.

Also, news from The Great Cultural Assimilation Project©, U.S. Division:

...causing poor children to starve:  it’s the United  African Way.

And speaking of the poverty-stricken:

...of course, they’re only poor African members, so donations won’t be affected.

And in Political Disaster! News:

...not that the Commie bitch doesn’t deserve it, of course. mean like Biden with the student debt forgiveness thing?

Meanwhile, in reality:

And let’s hope he learns from this guy:

It’s not just in the Americas:


...of course, in Euro terms, “far-right” is “JFK Democrat” on the U.S. political spectrum.

In Health News: no different from what happens in a pub, then.

From the Travel News desk:

...key word:  Mumbai.

Some Parenting News:

...explanation:  loony father and mother, likely insane kids.

And in yet more 


...fuck Hamilton, he’s going to Ferrari next year anyway.

And driving down :

And as Clint Eastwood might say:  “That’s enough of that.”


  1. In regards to the woman whose husband prefers to read than boiking her. Maybe she should get rid of the cats and hit the gym. Get rid of any fishing lures caught in her nose, lips, eyebrows and such while she’s at it

    Using cheapo ChiCom rope might be entertaining. Rope breaks and we have to string them up all over again.

    I read somewhere that the immigrants that came to Germany can’t speak the language and have almost no skills and no interest in learning either. They’re just a financial drain on the country. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re in the same situation with our immigrants. There are only so many ditches we need dug in this country.

  2. Runway incursions in the USA happen on a weekly basis, so frequently it doesn’t even make local news any longer. In the rest of the world they happen so rarely they’re national and even international news.
    Should tell you a lot.

  3. Oh, wait, that’s Tanya Tate, the “adult” star, not one of the “high profile men” the title mentioned. My mistake. But look at those shoulders. I’ve always thought she had an “is she or isn’t she” — Victor, Victoria thing going on. Anyway, at 45, after 15 years in the business, she’s still making her own publicity. Good on her.

  4. Jihadis want to attack the Paris Olympic games, Somalis in the U.S. are grifters (insert Ilhan Omar here), AOC fears jail time (room temp IQ), Kardashian kids are out of control. Not a single surprise there.

    I’m just left wondering with all the terrorists coming through our porous southern border, when will the SHTF? Christpher Wray has been in CYA mode about terrorist attacks here for a while. He just wants to be able to say “Don’t blame me, I warned you!” afterward.

    I don’t know what Tanya Tate looked like fifteen years ago, but judging by her latest pics, most of her looks fake, so I wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot dildo.

  5. If they put firing .gov employees and shutting down agencies on Pay Per View, count me in as a customer.

    For now they can subtitle the Argentinian experiment for us gringos.

  6. I saw this and thought, Kim would want to know. Long story short: the “communications log” which supposedly tracked the final minutes of the Titan submersible is fake. Nobody on the Titan ever knew there was an emergency. It imploded with no warning whatsoever.

    Here’s what I thought you’d like to see:

    “The world watched on with bated breath as rescue crews raced against the clock to find the vessel.”

    Correct usage of an obscure idiom, in a sensational rag! Someone call the cops.

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