Cold Hard Resolve

Of all the comments I’ve read about the Trump verdict so far, Bonchie (over at RedState) has the best take:

So now what?

Some aren’t going to like this, but the answer is to suck it up and do what it takes to win in November. Shouting at the sky, making all-caps posts on social media, and continuing to talk about how unfair everything is won’t move the needle. Trump was nominated knowing this was the likely outcome. None of this is a surprise. This is not the time to quiver. It’s the time to strike back.

This isn’t about liking Trump or not. It’s not about whether he should have been the nominee. There will be time for post-mortems after the election. Right now is the time to get up off the mat and do everything possible to make Democrats regret this for the good of the country and the credibility of the judicial system.

That, and lay in more supplies of ammo.

Because if Trump is sworn in as POTUS in January, the S may well HTF.  We won’t start it, but we may well have to finish it.


  1. Trump won’t be sworn in, he won’t win, he won’t even run.
    As a convicted felon he’s barred from taking part in any elections. And even if not, the RNC will not want to “tarnish their image” by “running a convicted felon”.
    And even if they would, the fix is in, the 50 million+ fraud ballots for Bai-Den have already been printed.

    The Dems know conservatives are going to roll over and take it, as they have for nearly 200 years.

    1. There are no laws to stop someone who has a criminal record from running for president

      While I agree the liberals and RINO’s (both team red and team blue suck ball sacks) are going to try to stop trump (from running and from winning etc) the bottom line is that Trump is very popular, Biden is unpopular and the economy is in the tank. The media is trueing to distract everyone with the whole orange man bad act.

      I’m sure there will be bullshit ballots and mail in cock suckery and other fucked up shit.

      But we voters have to all try.

      If Trump loses, while he is not perfect, the working people who want to be left alone to live their lives are fucked.

      Trump ain’t perfect. Biden, the dems and the rinos are a fucking nightmare.

      This country right now is on a slow and steady path to hell and the vehicle is picking up speed.

      Many people are watching what happened yesterday with the conviction of Trump and know this is a bullshit sham. A trial in New York where people hate him brought by a DA who is bias as fuck. A judge who was not even close to fair. And a verdict from 12 people who even if they wanted to say not guilty were scared of what would happen if they didn’t roll with the masses of the idea of get trump.

      I think it will be difficult to overcome Biden and the machine that backs and runs him. But it can be done. It was done in 2016 in defeating Hitlery.

      Side note – I think all voting should be in person only on the day of the election. No mail in expect for service members. And no early voting. If you can’t make it to the polls on voting day in person then go fuck your self. All these liberals and rinos can Eat a shit sandwich and suck a fucking cock.

      1. Last night the Trump re-election Campain received $34 million dollars in donations in 6 hours. And that time frame includes the time the servers crashed from too much volume.

        This isn’t over, it’s only the beginning.

        Pass the Popcorn.

      2. Tell that to all the inmates currently in prison…
        Yes, you lose your voting rights just as you lose your 2nd amendment rights…

    2. If they don’t want to further “tarnish” their soiled image, it is time for another philosophical change represented by a party change.

  2. Anyone talking about voting harderer as a solution to this problem is retarded. Period. There is only one box left.

  3. Slightly related yet unrelated. Has anyone else seen the 2024 movie that just came out – Civil War?

    It’s interesting. Told from the perspective of journalists (media) covering the civil war where there are a handful of factions

    The largest faction is the team of Texas and California. They are known as the Western Forces

    The movie starts with the president (who is unnamed. Just known as president, played by Nick Offerman) saying that the US army is almost done defeating the rebellion and that the USA will accept the surrender of the opposing forces. Don’t want to spoil things. That’s all I’ll reveal here.

    What happens next and what you see is very plausible.

    Interesting movie. Check it out.

      1. Rudyard Kipling is credited with saying “you can’t have too much red wine, too many books and too much ammunition.” I slide the wine out and slide the bourbon in to warm me up. Kipling or du Toit, both very wise men

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