…idea from our friends at Palmetto State Armory:

Now I have no idea how good a deal this is, or whether the make is reliable and/or rugged, but at that price…

As any fule kno, I’m not really in the market for one of these things, nor does my financial situation permit me to be so in any case.  But for those of you who qualify on both counts…

All I can say is that PSA has continued to show The Right Stuff, so this may be worth a look.

Brits, Californians, Canuckis, New Yorkers and similar unfortunates living outside the United States can only look on and be envious.


  1. It’s discounted because it’s blemished. I guess kids today don’t want any character in their rifles.

  2. Probably a decent starting point with room for lots of customization. When I built my AR from scratch 6 years ago Palmetto got a fair amount of my coin.

    I started with a Spikes lower from Tombstone Tactical then built the rest 1 piece at a time over the next 3 months. Then I continued to refine it over the next 6 months or so. It’s a gorgeous, highly accurate machine, and I have lots of spare parts, and know how the whole thing works intimately.

  3. Well, I’ve been meaning to purchase a rifle, and the price is right, so I’ve just submitted my order to PSA. We’ll see how it all turns out.

    I designated a local Merchant ‘o Death as my delivery location, but as I’ve never gone through this process before, do I need to contact said MoD directly to tell them to expect a delivery for me, or do I just show up when I get notice that it’s been delivered?

    1. They should have your contact details at the MoD — if not, drop in and get it done.

      1. Got an e-mail from PSA recommending just that. I’ll head over after work today.


  4. On a related note, I reminder our SI friends….NEVER SELL YOUR LAST AK47. Same goes for your AR-15.
    I finally bit the bullet and bought a gently used Zastava Arms ZPAP last winter, after having TWICE sold the sole remaining AK-47 in the safe. I also help out at Gun School twice a month (group of AK and AR shooters near me that help folks get acquainted with their new pew-pew sticks).

    I have no one to leave my guns to (daughter is not interested; stepsons are scared shitless of spiders and a sinkful of dirty dishes and have even a greater fear of guns), so I started selling them off. Then I found a new range buddy with 180 acres in the Shenandoah Mountains and we’re out there every weekend. It’s like I’m 24 again, with more money and guns!

  5. While its a blem, you probably won’t be able to find the blemish. I’ve found PSA rifles to work just fine. If you’re in the market, and you’re not looking to spend $2000+ for a Daniel Defense or other hoity-toity brand, buy a PSA. It’ll run just fine. Would I go to Afghanistan with it? Probably not, but it will do anything I will ask of it. Certainly it will punch holes in paper – or violent lefties, if necessary.

  6. As those who would oppose Thrud (of White Dwarf fame) would say, “Howl. Wail. Whimper!”

  7. This looks a great deal like what the Italian troops that seem present at all their airports, train stations and public sights are carrying

  8. You can buy their lower, BCG/Charging handle, and 20″ 5,56 barrel assembly for $5 less with it not being a blem but you have to assemble it. If you want an inexpensive AR search the daily deals for the lowest priced lower, BCG/Charging handle, and 5,56 barrel assembly where you could put something together for about $450. A cheap $50 red dot or the $30 flip up Tackfire iron sights would complete it.

    I am 50 minutes away from their GA store location. The online and store prices may or may not be the same.

  9. The one time I had a blem AR part bite me, it was annoying. I used a blem receiver for an SBR, but didn’t check the magazine well. Well, that was the out of spec part. I had to use a Dremel to widen the mag well and then re-black the inside once magazines would drop free on their own.My fault for not testing it before filing the ATF paperwork….

    (And no, this wasn’t the brace amnesty. I got tired of the brace on my own and filed the paperwork.)

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