Classic Beauty: Jane Russell

Probably one of the greatest sex symbols… actually, Jane Russell wasn’t.  Although she certainly had the body to qualify for the title, she was never overtly sexual like Marilyn or Mae and so she remained a favorite simply as a pinup.  I think she was extraordinary.

…and of course, the most famous ones of her, rolling in the hay so to speak:



  1. 2nd pik from top. I call them, “Comic Book Lips”, and I find them especially alluring. Quite rare. Maybe 1 in 100 females possess them.

  2. She’s prettiest in the beach one with the actual smile. It’s bizarre how the studio and the photographers preferred her in that smouldering simper instead.
    In that second pic, with the side boob, she looks remarkably like Angie Harmon.

  3. Kim,
    While I appreciate today’s selection, I have to disagree with you on the “roll in the hay”. No one could roll in hay quite like Teri Garr in Young Frankenstein. In my book, she tops ’em all !!

    It’s a damned shame the lovely Ms. Garr came down with MS and had to stop acting.

    – Brad

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