“Pride” Month

So June is “Pride Month”, according to Deviants International?

Tell you what:  you can have this one month for your “pride”, but then I reserve the other eleven for myself — specifically, anger (wrath).

Which will be directed at you lot.  24/7.

Let’s start with your appropriation of something beautiful:

…and turning it into a symbol of sexual deviancy.

More to come.


  1. Ever been in the grocery store and in close proximity is a haggard woman with a screaming brat in the cage that is mostly ignored? The screaming goes on and on and the woman tries in frustration to quell it and you stand there and endure it. So you move on and the screaming fades into the distance, eventually to disappear all together.

    Life now, it seems, is a constant effort to avoid the screaming brats coming from every direction. The only solace to be found is in distancing oneself from the sources of the insanity. As the insanity grows so does the distances.

    After a 17 year journey to find solace, no, to REQUIRE solace, my wife and I have taken extreme steps to remove ourselves from the insanity that inundate all of society. We go weeks, many weeks, and sometimes months without seeing screaming brats or any of the insanity.

    Yea, it has been 6 months or more since I have seen a live negro. Maybe a year. Don’t know, don’t think much about it, don’t need it, don’t put up with it, have no use for them. Except when I turn on a TV or an internet device. Then, there they are, bigger’n Stuttgart, right in your face with their complete and utter nastiness.

    Little by little we are going back to the 18th century when sanity was the norm. I don’t miss the future.

  2. Since we’re doing deadly sins this morning I’ll take sloth and gluttony. Much more achievable for an old man.

  3. I saw an interesting message on the internet yesterday. It said “you can talk with my child about suxuality right I after I speak with your child about Jesus.” That ought to get some of these moonbat leftists all worked up.

    I’m with Lt Dave. when are we going to celebrate the other six vices?


    1. JQ …
      Substitute Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Aaron and/or Moses for Jesus, and I’m right there with you !!!

      1. though I’m not a Muslim, I’d even go so far as to add Muhammad to the list

        1. Muhammad was a pirate. Not sure he should be included in anything other that the perversion he espoused. His favorite wife was 11 when he added her to his brood. Even in the 7th century that would have been bad.

          1. He married her when she was 6. Consummated the union when she was 9.

            If you have any devout Muslim friends, bringing that up with them in the context of pedophilia can be… awkward.

            I’m waiting for the day when someone orders a cake or a sign from a Muslim-owned business that says “Muhammad Was A Pedophile.”

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