Moral Perspective

This is one of those “sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander” situations, methinks.  Some raving loony Lefty professor [multiple redundancies]  said this about a guy who killed a Trump supporter in (where else?) Portland:

“He killed a fascist. I see nothing wrong with it, at least from a moral perspective.”


“The problem with violence is that it usually, though not always, is a bad idea. That I agree with.” 

So according to this asshole, murdering a “fascist” is always okay — by his definition of “fascist”, of course.  In this case, therefore, it’s not a bad idea.

Fair enough.

How about Commies, then?  From a “moral perspective”, would it be okay to kill one of them?

I don’t think people like him actually realize how much he and his type are hated by conservatives (we are not fascists, though, except by his own fevered imagination).  Remember:  it’s always the Left who bring on the pogroms, gulags and mass executions.  They’re the death-seekers, not us.

I would humbly suggest that come The Glorious Day, a seat on Air Pinochet’s Flight 001 be reserved for this tool, maybe next to George Soros.  They can discuss the morality of their perspective on the way down.

The best part about the mope who killed the Trump supporter is that he’s now in the Pantheon of Commie Martyrs.  If ever there’s an institution which needs massive expansion, it’s that one.

Speaking from a moral perspective, of course.


    1. No need to. Appropriately stated above.

      When I was an undergrad I ended up in a history class covering the topic of Christianity in the pre-revolutionary US. At the time in New England you were required to pay a pew tax to the then .gov to support the local, approved of (usually Congregational), church whether you were a member or not.

      One old bitch in the class was just aghast at said 200 + year ago practice, and said so, until a classmate (open athiest) said, “Yeah like dues to the Union shop”.

      To which the old bitch just went livid on him about the glories of the labor movement.

      At that point I realized that these people are incapable of any self-awareness and are so confident in their own rectitude, that any contradictions pointed out are simply not even within the realm of contemplation.


  1. Yeah, Yeah, call me late for chow 😉

    Re: Erik Loomis–Challenge accepted. Also speaking from a moral perspective, of course. And possibly, historic. After his fatal duel with Alexander Hamilton (11 July 1804 in Weehawken, NJ) Aaron Burr is said to have remarked–

    “Hamilton’s hand shook. Mine didn’t!”

  2. is there enough ammunition to clean house? There are so many colleges in the Boston area that I doubt we could make it out of the 495 beltway with any ammunition left. Scratch that, we’d be bone dry before hitting 128.

    1. I think enough ammo could be scraped together. At least from a moral perspective.

    2. Serves y’all right for not laying in a decent supply. Paul Revere would be ashamed.

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