A Curious Dichotomy

I read this report about Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-lover/procurer Ghislaine Maxwell’s problems in jail, and am faced — as the title suggests — with conflicting feelings.

On the one hand, there’s that savage feeling of satisfaction that this daughter of privilege is getting her just deserts for a life of deviancy and enabling, while on the other hand I actually feel some sympathy for her plight, because — let’s be honest — feral Cuban criminals probably shouldn’t be in a minimum-security facility in the first place.

And I still think that Maxwell is just the fall “guy”, the person that the government had to go after because Epstein was unavailable for prosecution by having been murdered in his prison cell.  Somebody had to go to jail for all those girls whose lives were ruined by a bunch of child molestors and their hangers-on (Bills Clinton and Gates, to name but two of many), and in Epstein’s stead was Ghislaine Maxwell.

I still want to learn the names of all the people (okay, mostly men) who were on Epstein’s client list and were frequent fliers on his Molestation Express jet.

But, as someone else said, “they” can’t go after the rapists on that list because “they” are actually the rapists.

I’d love to know the truth of this whole sorry episode, and the reason I’m kinda in Maxwell’s corner is because I know that if she ever looks like uncovering the rapists, she’ll be Epsteined as fast as he was.

Maybe even by “violent Cuban inmates”.


  1. Jeff was just a deep state honey trap who had outlived his usefulness.
    But he was extremely useful while he was doing his job.
    I’m sure he thought he had special info that would protect him from the end he got, but he was too good at what he did, and the corruption so complete that he couldn’t peddle his info anywhere to trade it for protection when they finally came for him.
    Because as you note “they” were almost all in on it at the end.

    I’m firmly convinced he’s a huge part of the reason that all the “stalwart” defenders of justice, like say, Bill Barr, go from being roaring lions to suddenly quiet little mice. This is why all the “special investigations” spend 4 and 5 years investigating corruption and then tell us the summer high school interns and the janitors made mistakes and missteps which have already been corrected or which were perhaps illegal but no prosecutor would ever bring charges for.
    Right up to the point that the guards watching over Epstein the night he didn’t kill himself had the charges against them dropped and, from what I can glean so far, kept their jobs.

  2. I’m not nearly as ambivalent. I’ve never felt that prison should be any more unpleasant than being removed from society and losing your ability to damage it further. And I’m definitely not a fan of the inmates tormenting each other as part of that punishment. But that’s the risk you accept when you do horrible shit like pimp children.

    As for her being a patsy, I’m similarly ambivalent. She did horrible things. Nailing her only isn’t justice, but at least it’s something. The whole list of folks that she and Epstein sourced should be released.

  3. So she snitched on a bunch of Cuban prison inmates (with whom she shares close personal quarters) for stealing her lunch money, but she refuses to snitch on a bunch of “social elites” who rape little kids.

    I have zero sympathy for her.

    1. Given a choice between pissing off a bunch of Cuban Gangsters and crossing Her Shrillness Hillary Von Pantsuit Clinton, I’d pick the Cubans like a shot…unless I was pretty damn sure that the insult to Shrillary would be terminal.

  4. I have no sympathy for her at all.

    The fact that the clients are not being prosecuted shows that the judicial and the DOJ are completely complicit with the criminals. Who knows the level of depravity that went on at Epstein’s Disney Land. At the more benign is the sex for hire among adults and then it gets creatively perverse. Not to mention the other aspects that go along with this sort of hedonism.

    No, no sympathy for Maxwell. criminals in prison should be worked to the point of exhaustion on a daily basis so they are too tired to cause more mischief amongst themselves. No cigarettes, no TV, no junk food. Give them three trayfuls of slop of bland food each day. Make prison the most unpleasant experience anyone could imagine. Then if these criminals are being released, just ask them if they want to return to prison. No? then stop committing crimes because your second trip to prison is going to be even worse.


  5. With regards to Epstein, I imagine that Maxwell has arranged for that information to be released should her death be by other than natural causes, so People have an incentive to keep her alive

  6. You’re more compassionate than I am. I am unmoved by her trials & tribulations in the joint. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Their mistake was playing the game too soon. Mark my words: pedophilia is well on its way to being the new black.

  7. As I said when she was arrested, I hope she spent her time on the lam setting up dozens of (if not a hundred) “dead man’s switches”, which is to say that if she dies in prison, ALL the names get released. It’s not that I want all the “deviated preverts” to be as worried about her fate as she no doubt is.

  8. I’ve never been a supporter of the “Bubba’s new sex toy” school of thought. If the state has the power to take your liberty it has the commensurate responsibility to ensure your safety and well being while incarcerated. There is no part of sentencing of which I’m aware that includes torture and rape in prison or jail. For the record, I consider the sexual abuse of minor children one of the most heinous of crimes and if convicted should be a capital crime with the death penalty. A very gritty look at this world may be found in the writings of Andrew Vachss (author of the Burke novels among other titles). Strong stomach recommended.

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