1. I far prefer the original, pure Pantera, before it was festooned with flares, spoilers, and wings. Oddly enough, I kinda prefer the older Morgan, who gained some flares as she aged.

  2. Morgan always has that “Come hither – and bring your kidney” look. I like it.

  3. After seeing the first picture I expected to see Christie Brinkley.

    Nice to see Morgan Fairchild. She always had a sultry bad girl look about her.

  4. Morgan Fairchild reminds me of another similarly endowed wench. I spent my high school summer vacations deckhanding on fishing boats. On summer Burt Reynolds had his yacht moored to a private dock nearby, which we carefully examined with our binoculars. To verify the vessel was seaworthy. That Loni Anderson may have been on deck in a bikini was of ancillary concern to our focus on marine safety. Really.

  5. Probably means I’m a closet fairy, but Morgan never moved the needle much for me. But I was partial to brunette’s, still am

  6. I almost bought a Pantera back in the early 90’s. I’d been thinking over it for weeks. I was finally ready to pull the trigger and went to take a test drive and the only way i could fit in the thing is if I shaved the top 4 inches off my skull. I was so disappointed. I ended up buying a 928 Porsche which was a disappoinment of a whole other kind.

  7. Story time?
    My mom, who not only has a great sense of humor but was tortured by my brother and I with asinine humor for years, lives in Anchorage. She told me once that she went to a play and in a Jon Lovitz voice “it starred Morrrrgan Fairchild, whom I’ve seen naked. Yeah, thats the ticket.”
    Turns out Ms. Fairchild was in a travelling production of The Graduate and had a fully nude scene, mom was on the 2nd row so saw Morgan’s naughty bits almost within sniffing distance. Said “I knew she was a bottle blonde.”
    So jealous.

  8. She was always a little over-made up, dunno why. With a body like that who looks at the face?

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