Not Incompetence – Not Anymore

This is part of a much larger personal story, but I just want to share with you something I said a long time ago.  I’d just launched a major new marketing program involving supermarket customers, their buying and their support for that new program.  Three days after the program’s launch, I went to look at the store sales figures to see how it had all shaken down.

The IT department had lost all the data.  Worse still, they couldn’t tell me when they’d be able to show me any data, going forward.

In a rage, I stormed into the CFO’s office and told him what had happened.  If anything, his shock was greater than mine.  He’d seen my sales projections, my gross profit projections and likely market share gain — but all that was gone.  I looked at him, and said, “It is really difficult for me to come to terms with such gross incompetence and profound indifference of its consequences.  I cannot begin to understand how such incompetence even exists in a huge corporation like ours.”  He looked at me, and nodded.  Then I said, “In fact, if I were a paranoid person — which I’m not — I would actually ascribe negligence on this scale to sabotage.”  And I turned and left.

I have had the same reaction to this situation in south Texas.

Law enforcement officials are seeking a “Mexican male” in connection with a shooting that left five people dead in Cleveland, Texas, Friday night, Fox News reports.
The San Jacinto Sheriff’s Office received a “harassment” call and responding deputies found four victims shot to death and an eight-year-old boy critically wounded. The boy was transported to a hospital, where he died.
All of the victims are believed to be from Honduras, according to San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers.
Capers said his office received the “harassment” call at 11:31 p.m.
Capers said law enforcement is actively searching for the “Mexican male subject” believed to be the shooter and have “a copy of his consulate card.”
He said the Mexican man “has been known to shoot his .223 in the front yard, which is evident from the shell casings in the front yard.”
Capers believes the suspect has fled the area.

And this update:

San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers indicated Francisco Oropesa, the Mexican national who allegedly shot and killed five people in Cleveland, Texas, on Friday, has eluded police and “could be anywhere now.”
The FBI is warning people to stay clear of the 38-year-old suspect if they spot him, FOX News reported: “Reminder, if you see him DO NOT approach him. He is armed and dangerous. If you have a tip about his whereabouts call the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office at 936-653-4367.”
On Sunday, FBI special agent in charge Fred Smith said police and agents have just been “running into dead ends” in their search for Oropesa.
He added, “Right now, we have zero leads of him.”

And the last little cherry on top of this shitcake:

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials provided updated information on the suspected killer of five Honduran migrants. Officials report that an immigration judge first ordered Francisco Oropeza Perez-Torres, 38, to be removed from the United States on March 19, 2009. ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations officers deported the migrant to Mexico later that month.
Subsequent to this, Oropeza illegally re-entered the U.S. and was removed, once again, in September 2009. He was removed two more times in January 2012 and July 2016.
In January 2012, a Texas court in Montgomery County (which neighbors San Jacinto County where the alleged murders took place) convicted the Mexican national for driving while intoxicated. The court sentenced him to an unreported period of incarceration.

So this murderous asshole has been deported before, not once but four times.  On his last entry into the U.S., he somehow got hold of an AR-15 rifle (despite all the fucking laws that exist to prevent felons and illegal aliens from possessing guns), with the depressingly-foreseeable outcome.

Between Immigration, local law enforcement, the Justice Department and the FBI, there has been not just one cockup, but a multiyear succession of cockups which eventually ended in the death of an entire, innocent family.

So, to go back to my original story:  at what point do we stop ascribing this disaster to gross incompetence, and start thinking about actual sabotage — a deliberate undermining of our immigration laws and the legal system?

By the way, a week after my meeting with the CFO, the head of IT was ignominiously fired.

Do not expect anything like this, though, to happen to anyone in government or the legal system.


  1. Oh dear! We have known this is purposeful since the reign of the Obamessiah, all Trump did is delay their plan a few years. In case anyone is confused still, go look where Susan Rice and Valerie Jarrett have been these last few years.

    IMHO the puppet strings are all leading to the continuation of the Halfican’s implantation of the Alinsky playbook in it’s entirety. There are no coincidences in government, never ever. All is purposeful action disguised as incompetence, for too long the American public has bought the charade.

    No longer.

  2. I believe the victims might have been illegals too, but too lazy to look that up again. Although they didn’t deserve that, one is tempted to write this off as illegals doing illegal stuff in much the same way we say joggers going jog or ferals attacking ferals and just ignore it.

    However we see the end result of this as having active GO / NO GO zones in our immediate living vicinity. There’s a trailer park not a half mile down the road from my upper middle class subdivision which I’d be very hesitant to walk thru after dark. There’s areas around Houston that I consider NO GO day or night, while other areas are broad daylight only and leave early. We shouldn’t have to accept that, but outside of quad-50 turrets on the border (and imagine the sign-up sheets if that were a voluntary post) I don’t think anything is going change.

  3. This is America. Go/No go Zones are unacceptable.

    The time to secure the border is long overdue. certainly we can implement check in and check out technology for foreigners coming into the country and staying when they over stayed their welcome. Record their bio information such as pictures, fingerprints, etc. If you’re here on a student visa of some sort then treat them like a parolee and make them check in with a parole officer with random checks at residences, places of employment or schools where they claim to be enrolled. once you miss a meeting or check in, a warrant gets generated for immediate deportation and permanent ban from re-entry. If you’re caught in the country illegally, immediate deportation after tagging so they are barred from re-entry. Secure the border with whatever technology will work, walls with cameras and sensors, drones, aircraft, rapid response officers with helicopters, trucks etc.

    What is going on that we have a high percentage of people in prison, if you believe some of these sources, that prison is not reforming criminals? take away the smokes, tv, exercise yards etc and work them from sun up to sun down. Make them utterly too exhausted to engage in mischief behind bars. Make the prison experience atrocious so that they do not want to go back to prison.


    1. Make imprisonment bite – being nice is for a rehab site that you individually, and voluntarily, pay for. Prison should “cost” the prisoners, not society.

    2. The only technology that will secure the borders is armed emplacement manned with people ready to shoot. That’s how you defend against an invasion.

    1. RHT,
      I’ve also seen a picture where they add a plinko board from “the Price is Right” to the guillotine.


  4. Cue the usual suspects on the left for the inevitable attacks on that horrid NRA.

  5. Probably brought the AR with him from mexico. . .. Picked it up at an Eric Holder fire sale.

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