1. Hoe on the left: “Yes, I have 2 vags but he still requires anal, what can I do to deter him?”

    Hoe on the right: “Send him over to my crib when he gets randy as I prefer a backdoor dood.”

  2. Gossip telegraph in action CA 1965, been there, seen that with resulting whupped ass when dad got home.

  3. “Oh, did I mention we’re hosting a family reunion next week? If you’ve got an extra bottle of gin…”

    “For the party?”

    “For me,”

  4. So all you need to do, once he leaves for work, is start a load of laundry. The lean up real tight against the washer and hit spin cycle. It’ll do for you what he didn’t last night.

  5. Looks a lot like my Mom and our neighbor who would hang out while us kids ran through the woods and raised hell in the early 70s.

  6. I tell you MaryBeth, von Braun is so annoying. Yesterday I was trying to tell him about this idea I have about quantum entanglement. Its such a cute idea but does he see the point of it ? Heck no MaryBeth ! He just comes over and gives me a little peck on the cheek and tells me to make the morning coffee for the office. Men are so difficult.

  7. Listen honey, your marriage will be much better once you learn a few things. First, grow your hair long and don’t cut it that short again. Second, men have two moods, horny and hungry. So if you don’t see him with a hard on, fix him a sandwich.

  8. “My husband says, long weekend.”

    “Really? My husband says Jennifer would be no more than a one night stand.”

    “We already knew that, Courtney.”

    (For reference, see the ‘Reader Quiz’ in Kim’s post before this)

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