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Let’s pour that stuff on our hotdogs… wait, did I say wieners?

West Hollywood and Greenwich Village are on lockdown, just in case.

they’re gonna need them all when Russia invades their country, you see.’s not the wangers that will offend them, but the hurricane of farts.

thus making German street signs doubleplus unreadable, e.g.:

Still in Euroland:

...sometimes, I envy the French.

...ah, for the proper treatment of these woke asshole lawyers, see the next item:

...looks like Britishland might as well import these Muslim customs, seeing as they’re allowing all the others.

...”urging”:  no;  “scourging”:  oh hell yes.  We could start that process Over Here, if the Brits need any guidelines.

From the Dept. of Global Warming Climate Cooling Change:

...hell, New Yorkers can’t even use garbage disposal units.  Gas stoves are nothing. whistling, got it.  Straight to rape, then?

And INSIGNIFICA reports:


...which is all very well — until Lizzo wears them at her next concertAssuming, that is, that there’s enough denim in the world.


...I think the legal term for this is “asking for trouble”.

I was going to post pics of the above event, but no.  Just… no.  Instead, here’s a pic of Shania Twain, who’s never going to have oral sex on stage:

And that’s all the news worth summarizing… sheesh.


  1. I like daisy dukes but please tuck in the cheeks. Baring some cheek is rather gauche on even the most attractive of women. On larger women it looks like the pillsbury crescent roll tube has popped.

    The ban on wolf whistling was pushed through by people with the mentality of “If I don’t receive a whistle then no one will receive a whistle.” These killjoys need to be removed from any position of power and sent to scoop up after dogs at a dog park. Even then keep them under constant supervision.


  2. At first I was wondering why Barristas were refusing to prosecute Eco Warriors . . .

  3. Shania has a sex toy in one hand and a jumbo Sharpie in the other. My kind of woman.

  4. What is so hard to read about the utterly pure, crystal clear “Schlossstrasse”?

    You’re lucky you don’t need to say car insurance in the old Krautish – “Kraftfahrzeug-Haftpflichtversicherung”. I think there’s longer ones but the welsh have them all beat.

    Sigh. My first language was German and the ingrained channels in my brain still cause me sentences with verbs to finish.

    1. I could work out the Gothic letters, but what does it mean? “Schloss” can mean “lock”, “closed”, or “castle”, among other things, so which meaning goes with “street”?

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