1. Along the same lines of: C° v. F°: Another reason America is great – the world tried get us to knuckle under to the metric system. We said OK. We’ll measure bullets with it.

    1. Blue one-piece is Anna Song. Another pro, who seems to make a specialty of being photographed in cars.

  2. Wifi for the fridge is actually a good thing. If the fridge in question has an iPad (or similar) built in. Then you can look at the recipe while you’re cooking. Kitchens over here are usually rather more compact than in some other places; mine is smaller than 7 feet x 10 feet.

    No, I don’t have such a fridge; I have a separate iPad.

    1. I don’t have an iPad, but I do have a printer. I print the recipe on paper and then put it in a plastic sheet protector to guard against spills.

      This is to make life easier for my daughter, who sends me recipe links and then comes over and makes dinner for both of us. She prefers to have the recipe on paper so that she can make notes and even change the recipe based on her experience with it. That’s hard to do with an iPad or an Internet-connected fridge.

  3. “American kids not understanding the meme because they don’t know what C° is.”

    I’m an American kid, and I know what “C°” is. It’s an error. The degree sign goes BEFORE the C, not after. The maker of this particular meme clearly doesn’t have a clue where it belongs, and can’t even be bothered to place it consistently. But hey, don’t let your own ignorance and carelessness stop you from nitpicking those stupid Americans!

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