News Roundup

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And speaking of expectant mothers:

...frankly, after 22 kids I think they need to take a break from breeding, but that’s just me.

...I’m not even a Christian, and this makes my nose twitch.

From the Dept. of Global Cooling Climate Warming Change:

...actually, ANY country could be hit by a “mega tsunami” at any time, or by a large meteorite, or a falling Michael Moore, but let’s keep everyone frightened because it sells newspapers and gets government grants for scientists.

Still in that vein:

...must have drawn their sample from attendees at my last range session.

...sound about right.  A+ for creativity, though.

...well, duh.  Anyone with any serious managerial experience could have told you that, you twerp.

...can’t anyone just say “Thank you” and get off the fucking stage without turning some stupid and irrelevant award into a Momentous Ethnic Occasion?

...frankly, I’d believe any allegation of what this Addams Family reject ever did.

...okay, here are some pics. Same teacher:

And speaking of illicit sex:

...yup, all the grrrrls loves them some bad boys.  So much for “equal opportunity hiring policy”.


...who they?

Oh… them.   Forgive me, but I don’t even know what “WWE” stands for.


  1. Bella twins are attractive ladies, however Kim, to your point a while back in a post “you know you are getting old when you see a pic of mom and daughter and you have the hots for the mom”.

    Check out the Bella twins mother, Kathy Laurinaitis. She’s a MILF.

    New stuff might work, however Antiques are better!

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