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…the miracle lubricant of politics.  And speaking of shit-heads:

with respect to the Divine Sarah, Jackson Lee has never read anything, because she is at best illiterate.  As always, the Clown Princess of Congress reminds us that she is still the dumbest politician ever elected (and reelected, and reelected, and reelected because Houston).

...she hasn’t been elected to anything, thankfully, but this dumbass could give Sheila Jackson Lee a run for her money.

...I’m putting my trust in a fresh pandemic of untreatable and deadly venereal disease. that “One Child” thing really worked for you Commie assholes, huh?, the barky little shit gave up acting because nobody wanted to give him any more work.

...that’s an easy one:  while they’re bonking a coworker on the boss’s desk.

...find them, flog them, then hang them.

...and same for this little shit.

...isn’t it a little late to be finding all this out, Gammy Madge?

...that battery-acid taste being such an essential element of Coke’s flavor.

...forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown New Mexico.

Which brings us to INSIGNIFICA:


And in the ever-popular Paige Three Dept.:

...I have no words.

And that’s all the news I can stomach [sic].


  1. Stupid Box of Rocks Sheila Jackson Lee also made a big to do the other day about reparations for blacks. (I refuse to use “African-American” except for people like Kim who were born in Africa)
    OK, as long as I and other white American folks get royalties and rentals from them for all the stuff we’ve invented, built and and manufactured they use for free.
    I also want reparations for the twelve guys in my family who died freeing the San Francisco reparations committee grifters’ and SJL’s ancestors during the ACW.
    And after Sheila Jackson Lee is fined and shamed for cultural appropriation of Confederate names.
    Uhh….. never mind, Sheila doesn’t do shame, just clown acts.

  2. By calling Jackson Lee stupid and thinking of her that way you have already lost the battle against her.

    Objectively, looking at her from way up here in Canada, she is a clever and successful politician. She’s evil and dishonest, but not stupid.

    I have to force myself to think the same way about Justin Trudeau.

    1. In the 1990s, during a visit to NASA, Sheila Jackson Lee demanded to see the flag that astronauts had planted on Mars. When gently informed that no human being has ever been to Mars because it’s very far away, Lee flew into a rage. She accused NASA of racism and pointed out her membership on the “science committee” in Congress and so on.
      That’s a fucking stupid-assed bully. The only thing she knows how to do is play the race card.

      1. You’re judging her by what she says and not what she does.

        She’s a long time successful politician and I would not for a minute doubt that she is play acting all of her public scenes for the benefit of her voters, who are the truly stupid ones, unless she’s delivering the pork to her district. Left out of all the rhetoric about her supposed evil and stupidity is analysis of why her constituents vote for her.

        If it’s just stupid voters than the right better learn how to manipulate those dolts as well as she can, and if they cannot, then Jackson Lee is clearly more clever.

        We’ll never defeat moral monsters like her by being angry and thoughtless.

  3. with the number of whackos in this world, I’m stunned that no one has disrupted the meetings at Davos already or other meetings of the totalitarians.

    Lee is an utter hate monger and oxygen thief. So are many in her cult.

    Madonna says, that’s where I stopped reading. She was a nasty hoe bag in the 80s through the 90s now she’s trying to remain in the media instead of being the washed up has been that she has become.

    Sounds like New Mexico has picked up the tactics of Chicago politics.

    Paige Spiranac, Monday actually got better.


  4. Two thoughts:

    I think you’re being a little hard on Chelsea Handler. She at least understands that her not knowing there was a difference was a problem. “Black Quisling” Jackson wouldn’t.

    And, why would he believe ANYTHING the Chinese Government has to say, on any subject whatsoever? Not just THIS Chinese government; it isn’t a ‘Communists are liars’ thing. It’s. ‘All Chinese Dynasties are liars’ thing.

  5. “Since Great Leap Forward”

    When did the Commies admit that they killed so many of their own people in 1961 as to cause their population to actually decline?

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