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And on we go:

...confirming what everyone (except the WHO) knew all along. Also:

confirming what everyone (except Fauci) knew all along.  Ergo:


From our International News Desk: had me at “French surrender”.

...their shithole country, their shitty rules.

...sounds more like a Frank Zappa album title. [/Weasels Ripped My Flesh]

And from the Dept. of Cultural Assimilation: good deed goes unpunished;  nor does stupidity.  By the way, this now happens so often in Sweden that it’s no longer reported. does not mention lynching, unfortunately., these pervos are getting kinda grabby, aren’t they?  Also:

And in the same vein:

...ya thank?

...which, by the way, you richly deserve.

And from the INSIGNIFICA files:

    fuck strangers for money, on camera:  what’s to misconceive?   Anyway:

(By the way:  she’s a squirter, according to her bio.)

Worth $9 a month on OnlyFans?  I report, you decide.

And there ya go:  these are the times we live in.


  1. “…sounds more like a Frank Zappa album title.” LOL! You made me spit coffee on my monitor! (I think I may have that album.)

  2. Re: the Indonesia story. Seems to me I read about back in the day (perhaps in the Muslim world), they had that same rule. And for a certain price, you could get a priest to marry you to some “lucky girl” with whom you’d then spend the night. In the morning you’d announce that maybe you acted rashly and wished to change your mind. The priest would then annul the marriage as if it never happened.

    So for all the pimps in Indonesia, time to start signing up for online seminary schools.

    1. I can’t condemn the Indonesians too much. The Sexual Revolution has been a disaster for all concerned (except maybe the Chads, of which I ain’t one). When men had to actually *work* to get laid, and women who put out without a ring on their finger were (rightly) condemned as slatterns, the world was a better place overall, IMO.

  3. Of all the original ST cast, Shatner is the only one remaining with whom I would consider sitting down for coffee or beer and just listening to their stories.
    Everyone else that was interesting has died.
    (Top of the list was James Doohan, btw. Not that he was likely to start rambling on the stories I would want to hear – he was too humble and modest for that – but that of all of them, he HAD the most interesting stories and life experiences.)
    The most interesting thing about Takei was Sulu, and I can get that any time I want; just put in a DVD. He’s flat boring otherwise.

  4. As to Twitter:
    Those “content moderators” should be damn glad that Musk didn’t have them “run the gauntlet” to pick up their termination check. It was the least that they deserved.

  5. re — cute cooch contest
    ‘vagina’ is the interior passage to the cervix.
    ‘vulva’ is the external skin.
    Examining the vagina usually requires a speculum, a light source, and a set of stirrups.
    Based on only a few examples during med school decades ago, I would speculate the majority are as ‘beautiful’ as calf liver at the grocery store.
    Were many ‘transitioned’ fellows included in the contest?
    I ask because I hear they meddle in all kinds of other competitions involving gals…

  6. WIth these transgender folks, why do they make the physical appearance match their mental beliefs? Why don’t they get fixed mentally to match their physical appearance?


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