News Roundup

So continuing in that proud tradition:

...stupid Spelchek.

...yeah, we all guessed that.  They either lie, mislead, exaggerate or conceal, 24/7.

...other reasons include: attending the Governor’s Barbecue, tradition, being a cowboy, and because fuck you. most male Brit politicians are girlymen, this should not be surprising.

...yeah, how dare she interfere in her child’s education? [/teachers’ union]

...who is she, and why should you care?  Follow the link for the full story.

...on a per-insertion basis, that has to be some of the most expensive poontang in historySide thought:  how much does that crazy moron earn, anyway?

...the real mistake was when he tried to claim overtime for it.

And from the Dept. of Irony: The Great Assimilation Experiment continues. idea why, as “fuckup” does the job perfectly well.

...but no mention of flogging or castration, unfortunately.

...and who could blame them, other than the Education Establishment?

From between the sheets of INSIGNIFICA:


And following that last thought, something for my Lady Readers:

with link:
no need to thank me, it’s all part of the service — although at $120, you have to need it really badly.

And finally, our Paige Three Special:

Okay, strictly speaking, the last one isn’t a “golf” outfit;  but I needed to make up a four.


  1. “Parliament installs…”

    i guess we’re about to find out the shelf life of your bog-standard wrapped tampon in a vending machine [unsold].

  2. “…Brit police officer facing criminal charges…”

    Only in England would it be necessary to add, “with women.”

  3. Kim Kardashian is at least easy on the eyes. West is a loud ninny. Still, my basic impression is that they kinda deserve each-other.

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