Neck Deep

I see that after much hand-wringing over the Great British Drought Of 2022, relief has finally come, in abundance:

Which just made me think of this:

As for local conditions, The Englishman assures me that all is well at the Castle;  here’s the view from his kitchen window:

…while Mr. Free Market’s estate is also fine, occupying as it does a hilltop surrounded by a few hundred acres.

And Mrs. Sorenson (a.k.a. The Catholic on these pages) reports:

“It’s been pissing down today. And yesterday. And looks likely to continue – bleddy weather. I raked up all the leaves from the grass yesterday. Fecking tree dumped a new load EXACTLY where I’d cleared them away. Nature hates me.”

So all is well, in other words.


  1. Those floods as well as the preceding drought were clearly caused by America, Donald Trump, Capitalism, conservatives, white males, mathematics, engineers, oil and people who believe there are only 2 genders.

  2. On Tuesday I was shown the extent of the flooding at St Andrews. There has been much flooding of the fields and golf courses hereabouts, but the weather has turned. For the past couple of days it’s been gloriously sunny.

  3. OK ….. but what are the current conditions at Diddly Squat Farm? Is that tractor well and truly stuck yet ??? I don’t want to wait for the next installment.

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