Barmaid Part Deux

I am forced to watch the foul Great British Bake Off TV show because New Wife loves it, otherwise I would never have heard of block-faced Paul Hollywood (which is, by the way, an excellent porn star name).

Anyway, said celebrity has apparently got engaged (again) to some barmaid totty:

…who is okay, although I have to confess that I preferred his earlier barmaid squeeze:

…because she’s a redhead, natch.

Yeah, you figured it out:  I’m not at all interested in Paul Hollywood’s love life, and this was just an excuse to post chick pics.

Anyway, you may now carry on with your day.


  1. Summer.
    Good choice, bonus, redhead.

    Have to wonder if she’s a nice chick, that’s the reverse of wondering if she’s a bitch.

  2. Tottie #1 is easier on the eyes. Hopefully she has an enjoyable personality.

    My wife watches the English bake off show as well.

  3. I am also forced to watch it because of the above.

    It would be tolerable if it wasn’t for the Ozzy wannabe and the goofy little colon polyp that are the announcers.

  4. Unless barmaid #1 has a voice like a cinderblock caught in a wood chipper and personality to match, he’s traded down.

    1. A friend of my father, some 64 years ago was the manager at a restaurant. When he split from his wife, and he took up with one of the waitstaff at the restaurant, my mother thought he traded down, too. They wait in the wings, sucking up to the producer, the stage manager, and the lead actor, like the understudy, waiting for the star to turn her ankle, so she can take a turn at being the star.

  5. The new Mrs Hollywood to be looks a lot like the ex Mrs Hollywood. Will it make headlines when Paul slips and calls Mrs Hollywood 2.0 by Mrs. Hollywood 1.0’s first name?


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