Learning From Furriners

It’s not often that I think we can learn much from Them What Ain’t Murkins, but this would definitely be one of those times:

Sweden’s new right-wing government has sparked an outcry after scrapping the Ministry of Environment in a move the opposition has branded “devastating”.

The Enviros are now part of the Swedish Commerce Dept., which is where they belong, if anywhere at all.  And the only thing “devastating” about this decision is the hair-on-fire response.

Creating the Dept. of the Environment was perhaps the worst thing Richard Nixon ever did, and elevating this bunch of wackos to a Cabinet position is in the Top 3 Worst for Jimmy Carter (it’s difficult to rank the awful things Carter did, there being so many, but a top 3 for this one is certainly appropriate).

Well done, Sweden!  Bra jobbat!


  1. Great job by the Swedes!! Now if we can only get the GOP to do the same thing to a host of government agencies. They need to be amalgamated or eliminated outright.


      1. The GOP certainly earns their moniker of the Stupid Party. In this region they are very content remaining the minority party


  2. I’ve always considered Nixon’s greatest crime to be the creation of the EPA.

    The little japery he may/may not have tried to cover up in regard to Liddy et. al. didn’t do anything but piss off a bunch of Democrats.

    The EPA has been an enormous burden. And one of the main drivers for manufacturing to relocate abroad.

    1. Forming the EPA or opening up China for trade, which was worse for us? As I understand it, Nixon was trying to drive a wedge between the Soviets and the Communist Chinese.


      1. One had a semi-noble purpose, and was probably inevitable anyway.

        The other was simply political pandering to the “Silent Spring” crowd.

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