Fashion Changes

Back when I were a callow yoot, my body wracked with frequent floods of hormonal changes, this kind of dress was popular with the girls:

…and for very good reason, if I may say so — not quite see-through, but the loosely-fitting fitting material made the dresses wonderfully sexy in any kind of a breeze.

Frankly, this is far preferable compared with fashions today, where everything is out in the open:


Of course, I may be wrong — I sometimes am — but not in this case, I think.

Just by way of exposition, the lady in the top photo is BritTV star “Yorkshire Shepherdess” and mother-of-nine Amanda Owen (48), while the lower photos are of some young houris  of no particular significance.


  1. The first lady is wonderfully sexy. A real woman with a real body in a dress that hints at what’s underneath. In my misspent youth I would have wondered what effect untying those cords around her neck line would produce. In my dotage I still wonder.

    As for the other two well slutty isn’t sexy. When the goods already are on display up front, there’s no promise of anything additional to close the deal. Sexiness is an art and its obvious that our bimbos slept through that class with the professor to get a passing grade.

    1. The difference is that when you were younger, you could actually have done something after untying the laces.

      Now you just sigh, and say, “if only”…

  2. The imagination is far more powerful than fashion when it comes to enticing a person. Show a little, but leave something to the imagination.


  3. NINE children?

    Good Lord, it would be like throwing an uncooked sausage down the hallway!

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