Florida vs. Davos

Here’s FuturePOTUS Ron DeSantis, talking about how conservative states rule, and the best way to bear the Internationalists.

I think the difference between then and now is, government is bigger and more powerful. But these agencies, particularly in law enforcement and national security, have been weaponized, so that they really represent the enforcement arm of one particular faction of society against the rest of us. And you do not have equal zeal with which they wield their power. People talk about the deep state like it’s some conspiracy. It’s not a conspiracy. What we have right now is the logical result of having an absence of constitutional accountability in the administrative state. And basically what human nature will do, of course, power is going to accumulate there. The founding fathers would have told us this if we had told them what was going on. So that’s the logical outgrowth of Congress abdicating its responsibility to hold the bureaucracy accountable for decades. It’s a logical result of Congress empowering the bureaucracy and letting them do a lot of the heavy legislating. And so that’s what we have. It’s not anything that really should surprise anybody.

All good stuff, and more besides.


  1. Thanks for posting that! What I found remarkable was how much I did NOT know about how he’s been running Florida. I knew some of it, of course—most folks know the Disney saga because of the caterwauling on the left that ensued. But much of the rest, and the sheer extent of it surprised me.

    This may be the way forward, not bullets (despite the obvious appeal) and not state secession, but simply a hearty FRO, strong letter to follow, to the ruling elites. I sense that sentiment is growing quickly in several states, not just Florida.

    I’m very glad DeSantis is so young and has such a long career ahead of him. If you haven’t seen his smack down yesterday of a “reporter” raising a question about how prepared Florida was for this storm, Google it, it’s truly delightful. In my perfect world, DeSantis would be the next POTUS. And Donald Trump would take KJP’s place at the White House press room podium.

    Or Kim, if interested. I think you’d love the job! lol


  2. I have said many times that there is evil in all men. I don’t call myself a conservative; indeed I would feel slighted if anyone called me that. But conservatives — and this is not opinion, it’s historical fact — are better able to keep their devils buried deep inside them. As much as they might like to tar-and-feather a Biden, a Clinton or an Obama, they don’t. They don’t burn and loot and rape. They don’t starve tens of millions of their fellow citizens or send them to death camps — something that has been seriously suggested by modern lefitists.

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