All-Seeing, All-Knowing

Read this account of one man’s dealings with the FBI, and its conclusion:

Finally, this proves not only a strong political bias on the part of the FBI, against Trump, and against anyone remotely on his team, but it shows just how much the FBI knows about all your details, doings, GPS tracking, emails, telephone and FaceTime calls, videos, financial transactions, the cache in your computer and related devices, travel plans, workplace, networks . . . everything.

Many people over the years have cautioned me about my outspokenness and the ability of the Secret Police (a.k.a. the Fibbies) to mess with me and my life (“You’re going to end up on their list!” ).

I wasn’t intimidated by South Africa’s apartheid-era Security Branch, and I’m not scared of these little shits either.

Fuck ’em, and all they stand for — because what they stand for is un-American.

I’m not an especial fan of Donald Trump’s — unless, of course, the FBI somehow turns that into a crime, in which case I’ll be his greatest supporter.

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  1. They have a long way to go to be anywhere near as effiecient as even the dumbest secret police anywhere, decades ago.

    Far as tracking? I’ll use the Hillary excuses; I don’t recall…I have no recollection.

    “We have you entering this building on Thursday. Who were you seeing?”

    I have no recollection of visiting that building.

    “Our trackers have you there”

    OK. If you say so. I was probably looking for a place to take a dump. I don’t recall. But that’s what I usually do.

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