News Roundup

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…my preferred mixer with the breakfast gin.

But let’s get angrier still:

let’s hear it for Corporate America, at the forefront of protecting our Constitutional rights.

in other news, nor did the maiden voyage of S.S. Titanic.


Russians not being known for their ability to swim whilst tied to an anvil.

except that “mail-in” ballots have yet to be counted, and we all know how that goes.

I scored 18.  No cheating.

to the surprise of precisely… nobodyBut is it all Trump’s fault?

Train Smash Update:

not much to see other than a mombod and jailhouse-quality tattoos.

finally, commonsense over tolerance.

our Feelgood Story Of The Day.

From the Department of Nooky:

sadly, no mention of public flogging.

ignore Mommy’s screams, Jimmy — she really likes it when I put it in there.

And in link-free INSIGNIFICA:


And finally:

“Who she?” you ask Why, a presenter of BritTV kids’ programs.


And therewith, we end the news.


  1. Thirteen. I am not the audience for cooking questions…

    Plus, I’d argue that their answer for the highest poker hand is ambiguous at best due to not specifying whether wild cards are considered or not. Yes, yes, “poker” vs poker and I’m probably expecting too much precision from Yet Another Internet Quiz.

  2. 14 on the quiz for me. Should have had 16, but totally brain-farted those 2. Ah well.

    I recognize Cat Deeley from a few years back when my wife watched “So You Think You Can Dance.” She still looks just as lovely, it seems.

  3. News Roundup comments:

    Liquid Rage: Does it come by the case? Do they ship? Seems to me it could be a GREAT defense if I ever get into trouble for dispensing some “street justice.”

    Drowned Russian: another example of the Russian government’s retirement program.

    15 right out of 20 on the test. Not the smartest around, but smart enough.

    Britney pic: Oh, so-the-hell-what? She used to have keepers to remind her to keep her clothes on. She needs to maybe hire one or two of them back on.

    Germans shoot an Afghan troublemaker? This shouldn’t be news.

    Street justice beat-down: this should be news. Every day. Beating on stupid teachers should be included.

  4. Have been a fan of Ms. Deeley since she was the host of some God-Awful dance show or something. Glad to see her make an appearance here.

    Here’s wishing the Swedes all the best.

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