1. All of the above, and then some. Like any bureaucrat anywhere, the majority of social and news media organizations, and never forget the faux democracies like the European Union (some overlap with totalitarian regimes).

  2. A tossup between Hillary and Pelosi, I can posit that Pelosi has done more damage to the nation by her long tenure, though Shrillary poisoned just about every law related institution therein.

    1. This book was mentioned in an interview with Douglas Murray to which I listened last week. It’s on my list.

  3. I was just reading this morning that Hillary Clinton, that paragon of virtue, has compared Nancy Pelosi, to Queen Elizabeth II, calling Nancy the “gutsiest woman in politics.”

    Like you said, queen of the official lie.

  4. ATA.

    All large entities do that (business, bureaucratic groups, ect), or end up that way.

    Paine was quite truthful saying that the tree of liberty needs watered with the blood of tyrants… We seem to be thick with them… and the tree is wilting

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