1. When I see that selection of drinks it means I’m on vacation. …. and I don’t see Burbon – neat on the list.

  2. All of those and more are my favourites, which could have some bearing on why I gave up alcohol last October….. (I fell over too often).

  3. Where’s the tall glass of brown liquor? The one that says, “Leave me the f*ck alone, I’ve had a bad day and I’m NOT in the mood!”

    And to Big Fella, above, I didn’t mind the falling down so much, but getting back up was getting to be a pain. So, I stopped falling down 343 days ago. Good luck to you, Sir!

  4. So I am a psychotic adventurer……….sounds about right for someone who flies experimental airplanes and ultralights.

      1. Count me amongst that group. Bourbon, or whisky/whiskey, usually neat, maybe, just maybe a water-back or a cube or two if it’s particularly high-proof.

  5. Just beer for me, thanks. I’ll try pretty much any Belgian-style ale or Bavarian wheat beer, but the brews I keep coming back to are Guinness, Dos Equis, and Red Oak.

    The last beer I had was a Kamenitza, a Bulgarian pale lager. It was pretty good.

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