Lies And More Lies

You’ve all seen pictures of the falling level of water in Lake Mead, right?

And read reports of skeletal remains being found as the waters recede?

And that all this is because of climate change, via lower rainfalls, snowfalls, etc.?

Well, only the first two are factual.  The third is an outright lie.  “Climate change” has nothing to do with Lake Mead’s water level dropping, because the main suppliers of water to the lake (rain runoff and snowmelt) have not in fact decreased but remained constant.

And some smart guys have the real answer to the problem.  Read all about it here.


  1. Huh, not upgrading or increasing the water supply when demand increases.

    Sounds like the moron’s approach to our power supply problems too.

    Remember it’s more important to save the wee little creatures only some naturalist knows even exist.

    So, no more power plants or reservoirs because it might harm the Sandy Bottom Gurgle Fish, the Golden Cheeked Warbler, or any other convenient species we just discovered that will give us an excuse to demand the little people dial back on their lifestyle and learn to eat insects.

  2. This is the kind of thing that worries me about living in North Texas.

    Lot of people moving here, lot of houses and apartments being built.

    We had a dry year not to long ago where there weren’t anywhere near as many people, and the lakes were nearly dry.

  3. When you allow claims for water rights to be 130% of the inflow you’re bound to eventually have problems. The Colorado river hasn’t reached the sea of cortez for decacades. This isn’t exactly a new problem. It’s just more visible now.

  4. Also well known but somehow not often mentioned, is that Lake Mead is the direct result of human activity.
    Unlike climate change.

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