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as we all remember how they laughed when Trump warned them about letting Russia control their gas- and oil industry.

was she trying to stop the cops from arresting her boyfriend for murder?  Yes.  Did she deserve to get punched in the face?  Also yes.

just about everything.

imagine that.  Why, them uppity niggers complainin’ after all the White Massa done for ’em.

pass the popcorn, Simon.

which actually says more about you than it does him — I mean, you did take the necklace, didn’t you?

and in a totally-unrelated related news item, Texas-based H.E.B. to open new Plano store in 6 weeks’ time.

and then the dumbass has to pay it all back, plus interest, when the mistake is discovered.  Key word:  Australia.

key word:  Scottish.



okay, maybe they weren’t dressed quite like this.


This just in at Steve Barnett’s place:

Holy moly, but that’s a pretty one… especially in close-up:

And they have one, just as pretty, in .22 LR as well… and at over 60 years old (like me), these look in better shape than I am.



  1. The vidya of that cop punching the woman is epic. FWIW, she ‘punched’ him first but didn’t have the body mass to do anything but a tickle. Body mass is a thing.

    H.E.B can’t come here to Richardson fast enough. Northern Plano is a bit of a stretch for me to grocery shop. But Central Market is close enough. Kroger down here has gotten awfully ghetto.

    Bono going ginger? Meh…he’s older. Older folks do that. My dad used to call it going prematurely orange. Usually it’s something older women do. Then again…

  2. I’m going to buy an AR-15 because I had no idea it could shoot bullets at 5 times the speed of any other bullet and vaporize people.

    There’s a few people I’d like to vaporize. Just think, the perfect murder, bang, bang, a vaporized victim and no corpus delecti.

  3. The more I pay attention to the news, the more I support Texas Independence. I know Kim isn’t a fan of secession, but given the dismal state of these dis-united states, I find Texans Going Their Own Way (TGTOW) very appealing.

  4. If you want a fabulous reference on vintage 22’s, check out the two volume set … Walnut and Steel by Bill Ward….

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