So this young couple got married, in a church, even.

The priest looked priestly, the bride looked lovely, and the groom:

…looked like a complete twat.

Seriously:  at some point this moron looked at all the clothing choices he had available for his wedding day, and decided on the Sunday Brunch Outfit?

I’m not a believer in the “body language” thing, but it’s no wonder the bride is leaning towards the priest rather than her poor choice of a husband.


  1. It really isn’t hard for guys to dress decently. Dress pants, sport jacket, solid shirt and a tie or tartan shirt and solid tie. It’s easy.

    The trend currently that bugs the daylights out of me is brown shoes with blue or grey pants. That to me says the wearer is color blind.


    1. “…brown shoes with blue or grey pants.”
      Especially the current trend in suits and pants where the guy looks like a teen who outgrew his only Sunday suit – jacket and pants fitted too tight, jacket pulling at the buttons and too short in the back emphasizing the buttocks, pants cuffs/bottoms don’t reach the shoes, making those brown shoes then look like duck feet or frogman flippers flapping out from those skinny legs.
      Along with hip hugger jeans (wife calls them peter pants ’cause that’s what holds them up), I think it’s all a scam by clothing makers to scrimp on material.

    2. What sport does one play while wearing a “sport” jacket?

      Seriously, all sarcasm aside. How did “sport jacket” get its name. As far as I can tell, it’s just another suit coat.

  2. Early in every spring at my dancing school we get couples coming in to learn to dance for their upcoming weddings.

    Mostly they both dress with the same style, or lack of it, but if there’s a discrepancy, it’s always the man who looks like a bum.

  3. SUNDAY brunch? This fashion disaster was dressed for a SATURDAY brunch with his buddies.
    He’s at least one step down from what my friend calls “Country Club Casual.”

  4. Nope, doesn’t even meet the Sunday brunch outfit level of dress. No belt. Seriously this isn’t that hard. His friends (if he has any) likely have less sense about it than he does. I may make choices that SWMBO disagrees with WRT fashion, but at least I’ve had a conscious thought about it before I leave the house. Serious thoughts. Like, “Shoulder, appendix, or strong-side holster today?”

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