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*not actually.

So let’s use some of that obscure ammo to shoot the first asshole on the list:

treason trial to begin in 5…4…3… what, no trial?  No firing squad?  Are we surprised?

from Justin Fidelson, we expected anything else?

sorry kids, but unless Tony Blair is arrested for calling someone a “twat” on Twitter, we Over Here have more to worry about.

to which Boris replied: “Hey, remember when I was fired from being Prime Minister?”  He also said: “Slovenia is excellent and I shagged myself silly!”

yay, so there’s at least ONE Brit with the right idea.

yeah, more “Sandal” people killing “Gourd” people, or maybe it’s the other way round.  Whatever.

And still on the topic of speaking in tongues:

ah yes, the Anglicans;  irrelevant (and wrong) as always.

key word:  lawyer.  And her name:  Karen Snitch.

key word:  “Jamaicans”.

not to be taken literally, because this is Britishland, not Murka.

more to the point, we don’t need any of you assholes.  As you may soon find out.

considering the competition, not much of a victory.

man, when those Brits set out to eliminate “embarrassments” to the Royal Family, they sure can be sneaky.  Tunnels in Paris, and now a mountain lion

argh, FFS.  Can’t you chicks do anything without over-complicating the thing?

And in link-free INSIGNIFICA:


who she, you say?

Public Service Post:


Oh, and about all that fuss:

So now you know;  that, and the news.


  1. PPU makes excellent ammo, for some reason my CZ 6.5 x 55 shoots PPU better than any other factory round, almost as good as reloads and the 7.65 Argentine is the only round I can find for my very, very old Mauser. I like all of there ammo.

  2. it’s sad to see the once great UK turning into a cesspit. what are the subjects going to do? they’ve been disarmed so I think that might leave pitchforks and torches. Torches can be improvised. Pitchforks might be hard to obtain as the subjects have left the farms to live and work in cities. Same with Canada. That red diaper baby and love child of Commissar Castro needs to be removed from office but the Canadians apparently don’t have the intestinal fortitude to do it.

    Harvey Weinstein was not the problem in Hollyweird. He was just a symptom. I’m sure that sexual harassment goes far deeper into hollyweird’s casting couches etc. Sure it’s wrong but that’s the industry. It will take generations to correct that problem.

    Alright PPU, build more plants and get producing more, more more. When ammunition sits on full shelves we have peace and prosperity. Empty ammunition shelves tell far more about the mood of the country than any polls or any other indicator.

    when can we all admit that multiculturalism as promoted by the left is utter bullshit. I love experiencing food and music from different cultures but when other cultures engage in honor killings and such, we have to draw the line. If you want to come to America then plan to assimilate. I think Iceland requires immigrants to adopt an Icelandic name. That may go too far but they’re in the right direction. We definitely need to reform our immigration laws. Illegal immigration should be a felony, punished by immediate deportation and being banned from reentry. They can appeal their case from their native land. End chain migration. If you’re here on a student visa, then treat the person like they are on parole and have them report to a parole officer every few months. Miss one appointment and a warrant gets issued immediately for their arrest and immediate deportation. We can reassign folks from their current department to this Department of Immigration once we disband the 87k new IRS agents, ATF, Department of Education and a host of other worthless bureaucracies.


  3. I’m not much of a movie goer these day but I was trying to think of a movie were Ms. Seyfried kept her clothes on for the entire film.

  4. Unfortunately, PPU 8mm Mauser has been all but unobtanium these last years.

    As for the Mean Girl’s nude scene example, part of me heartedly approves.

  5. First – The Pawnshop article demonstrates the lack of forethought many people have, “let’s buy this bauble because we have a bit of extra money this month”
    Second – I have little sympathy for some little strumpet that gave in for fear of losing their job, they can always get other work. You know what happens when a man gives in for fear of losing his job? A workplace injury or fatality.

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