Real Drought

Back when I lived in the old Racist Republic, I remember reading a newspaper story of a family who lived on a farm in one of the more arid areas of the country.  One day, the farmer’s twin boys (aged 7) ran excitedly into the house and told their mother that the sky had “broken”.  When she went outside, she saw that it was raining.  The boys had never seen rain before.

In places like that, a seven-year drought is admittedly extreme, but it’s certainly not unknown.

In more temperate climes, though, a six-month drought can be seen as catastrophic:

Europe on course to suffer worst drought in 500 YEARS

You can ignore pretty much all  the copy in the above link, because it’s the same old dreary “climate change is going to kill us all” bullshit.  But the pictures are breathtaking, e.g. this one in Holland:

…where “riverboats” have become “mudboats”.

Elsewhere, you have stories like this one, where one foresighted guy has stored many thousands of gallons of rainwater in underground tanks to keep his garden going.

If I were him, though, I would have kept shtum  about it because this being Britishland, I wouldn’t put it past the local council to force him to pump it all out and “share” it with his neighbors.

Sic semper potentas.

All that said, however, the European heat wave has had some benefits:


  1. I find it to be sort of funny when the local (OKC) weather guessers smile and say “Its going to cool down by the end of the week”. The graphic says the high on Friday will be 97.. Today it was 102. So I guess that they are technically true but not enough to be noticeable.

  2. we had our heat spell for the summer. we usually get about 7 days or so of really hot weather where hibernation in the AC is necessary. Saner temps have returned but we sure could use some rain.


    1. OMG, we had 6-hours of rain………last week!
      6 times 1-hour (+/-) equals 6-hours, right?
      That should hold the weeds until winter.

  3. re — sic semper potentas
    Perfesserioneral Edtior here (you that read right).
    My Latin is severely several decades beyond its pull-date, so I could be way off-base with this one.
    re — ‘potentas’
    Declension leads me toward ‘potentae’ as the ablative.
    And that is true occasionally sometimes.
    It depends on how much we let them get away with [said somewhat illiterately].
    re — ‘b’ (above)
    To vanquish any concerns about offending the delicate sensitivities of the perpetual university crowd, I fall back upon our beloved Prime Instructive:
    * A preposition is a terrible thing to end a sentence with.

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