News Roundup

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Let’s jump right in.

I can only hope that the cure was found in dolphin livers.

I like the new euphemism for “rape”:  “struggle snuggle”.

and goodbye to reliable electricity.

that’s gonna be a very short series.


why the question?

other than Barry Sanders, I didn’t know they had any.

as long as it’s the top half

sounds like the Murkin socialists at the prospect of a Republican tidal wave.

hey, Numb-Nuts:  “Kill It With Fire!” is what’s known as “hyperbole”.


like anyone cares what a delivery boy thinks.

And finally:

not bad for an old auntie, is she?

Feel free to disagree, of course, as the Roundup comes [sic]  to a close.


  1. Kim I have been more than patient with your senior delinquency, lechery, and other sinful vices. I have diplomatically remained silent while your ill breeding manifests itself in your penchant for piss burning European (HAKAAAFFFF!!!) ‘sports’ cars. I have managed to avoid voiding myself when you poast the unending parade of old fatties, harlots and elderly harridans. But the scrawny chick in this poast is simply a bridge too far! Even for you – this is a new low. GAH!

    Unfriended, down voated, complaints filed with the internet censors and the police. Nevermind trying to appease me with heartfelt apologies and begging for forgiveness! I will not rest until you are deported to California where you will have to hang your head in shame for the rest of your life!


  2. Klum needs about five pounds of pasta a day for several weeks or months.

    The changing of definitions is utterly nefarious because it undermines all rational discussion. The left has started this war on language back in the late 80s and early 90s with the start of “political correctness.” My sister went to a moonbat college where “political correctness” was rampant. when someone sneezed, you couldn’t say “God bless you.” The new phrase was “may a non-denominational benefice fall upon your head.” And that was the tip of the iceberg for the PC police.


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