Good Things For A Hero

This is a Good Thing:

A Republican representative [Jim Lucas] from Seymour, Indiana, has created a GoFundMe account for 22-year-old Elisjsha Dicken, the young man who stopped a mass shooting at a mall earlier this month.
Dicken has retained legal counsel, Lucas noted. “I ask for your contribution to help with Eli’s legal and financial challenges that lay ahead of him,” the Republican said. “EVERY PENNY of your donation goes to Eli to be used for his legal defense, counseling, potential time off of work or whatever financial challenges he may be faced with.”
The account, which has been confirmed by The Republic, has already raised more than $62,000 for Dicken.

I gave $20;  I only wish it could be more.  And one last thought: 

Sometimes, good things come in a plain wrapper…


  1. Dear Jesus, why are ppl stll using GOFU#KME which is run by commie bastards ? Do they not recall how they treated the Canuck Trucker movement ? Or Kyle Rittenhouse ? Tell this stupid pol that GIVESENDGO DOT COM is a freedom loving site run by Christians and young Dicken would be better served.

  2. 1. What Gun Professor said.
    2. Why did he retain counsel? I thought there were no charges. Out of prudence?

    1. Criminal and civil charges are two entirely different animals. Eli didn’t break any laws, but somewhere somebody was “harmed” mentally and emotionally by what he did and will now suffer from constipation, hair loss, and flat feet. Somebody has to pay for that and the guys at Dewey, Cheathem and Howe stand ready to sue.

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