Old Man Crush #305

Have I ever mentioned before just how infatuated I am with actress Laura Linney?  For one thing, she’s an excellent actress quite deserving of a star on Hollywood Boulevard:

…and then, of course, we get to the strawberry-blonde hair, fine body and OMG those exquisite dimples:


Readers without failing memories may recall that she played Abigail Adams in the excellent HBO mini-series John Adams — and all I can say is that if the real-life Abigail was half as beautiful as Laura, it’s a miracle that ol’ John ever got to Philadelphia.


  1. Kim,
    You’re not the only “olde phart” who’s a diehard fan … there are many like you.

    Your comment about Ms Linney portraying Abigail Adams … Holy Brother of Moses … you are spot on, dead to nuts correct.
    Oh, and she’s also a part-time host of Masterpiece on PBS. I struggle with Masterpiece because of PBS and their poxy wokeness, but many of the productions are worth the time.

    And of course, the other unspoken wonder of Ms. Linney … minds her own bidnezz, doesn’t get caught up in the nonsense nor drama that is Hollyweird. She does her job, performs very well, and goes home. Lots to be said about that.

  2. 110% with you on this one, Kim. She played the vulnerable Sarah in my favourite movie, Love Actually, to perfection. And the boobies weren’t too bad either.

  3. Thanks for reminding me of Laura Linney’s beauty

    And speaking of Laura’s, I would drink the bathwater of the sensuous Laura Dern

  4. Went to dinner at a Lawry’s in the east-Valley one evening, and my waitress was a “Laura Linney” – the wait-staff would give customers a business card so you’d remember their name. This was before “she made it”, but I still have that card somewhere.

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