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I’d prefer that an alligator was eating the President alive, myself.

actually, they’re forcing us to vote you Green assholes out of office… but we’ll let you find that out for yourself.

and she’s well rid of him.

winner of the “Nothing Says ‘OKLAHOMA!’ More Than This” competition.

..expecting “class” from a Kardashian is like expecting a PhD from an aardvark.

I’m just amazed they still have any cattle left.

note “instructor” not “professor — and her bio is exactly what you’d expect it to be.  At Harvard.

and the pendulum swings, oh yes it doesBy the way, a couple of their policy proposals would be sure vote-getters in Europe as whole, not just in Italy.

hence the term “guided muscle”.

no, don’t be like the Democrats.  Fix the economy first, stupid, then address taxes.  Witch-hunts much later.


        probably needed a month’s worth of antibiotics to recover.

Finally, from EU-land:

but before clicking on the link, you may want to take a look at this Eva Vlaardingerbroek creature:

And by the way, I think that “Vlaardingerbroek” means “Flan-ingredient-pants” in English, but I’ll let Reader Jwenting correct me. (And indeed he has:  “Vlaardingerbroek refers to a polder near the town of Vlaardingen.  A “broek” is directly what in English is called a “brook” or creek.”)

Many thanks.


  1. Pic 2 seems to have different eye color, different mouth structure, different nose, different fake tits, etc.
    An Eva from a different rib?

  2. Yup, good ole Ted Cruz. After calling the Jan 6 protesters “terrorists” on the senate floor, then doubling down on stupid when trying to defend that to Tucker Carlson, he’s gotta work to get back in the game. Thing is, he’s been elected. But other than a few interviews and some twitter comments, what the F has he really done? Lost the nomination to Trump? Anything else? He went from being near the top of my list to the bottom in one day.

  3. Re the dipshit who hanged himself, was there any doubt this would be noted in the article: “High levels of alcohol and traces of cocaine were found in Mr Burns’ blood”. Hell, the surprise would have been if alcohol WEREN’T involved.

  4. And I wish the Butt-gig family good luck in their new, Traverse City home with his electric vehicles. Especially in the winter.

  5. Ian Fleming died in 1964. How can he revealing anything today? Are mediums and seances involved?

  6. Thanks for pointing out that the Harvard Law School teacher is, in fact, an “instructor”.

    The school would never hire a male with her academic credentials to teach property, corporations or torts.

    But obviously hiring a female to teach LGBTQ studies (it’s been 40 years since I sat for a bar exam, but I sure don’t remember that topic being on the bar exam) made all the sense in the world to the legal apparatchiks who run Harvard Law School.

  7. You are indeed incorrect 🙂
    Vlaardingerbroek refers to a polder near the town of Vlaardingen.
    A “broek” is directly what in English is called a “brook” or creek.

    Most likely her early family came from that area.

    Good looking lady, but wondering why the different eye colour between the photos. Just light, coloured contacts, or mixed in some shots of different ladies?

  8. I’m not surprised by the faculty of Harvard inciting violence. Many colleges are infested with leftist moonbat propagandists that masquerade as educators. Too many red diaper babies were allowed into academia and now we have been paying the price for decades. They love to talk about their diversity but have no diversity of thought in their sociology programs let alone their programs with the word “studies” in their title.


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