Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

Most of the time, Righteous Shootings take place inside a house, as a homeowner protects life and home against the predations of goblins intent on unauthorized property redistribution and / or unwanted sexual advances, etc.

But this is America, where a mall can also feature such an event:

Breitbart News reported that a suspect opened fire in the Greenwood Park Mall food court around 6 p.m.

The attacker was able to kill three people before a 22-year-old armed citizen intervened, shooting the attacker dead.

Bravo, kid.  We’re all proud of you.  As are the police:

Greenwood, Indiana, police chief Jim Ison described the 22-year-old who shot and killed a mall attacker as the “hero of the day.”

You betcha, Chief.  Only in some disgusting country (e.g. New York) could someone be arrested for doing something like this.


The Simon Property Group, which owns the mall, states in its code of conduct that no weapons are allowed at their shopping centers. The policy was last updated in April 2020.

Bet they’re glad someone broke their pissy little rule now.  And they are:

“We grieve for the victims of yesterday’s horrific tragedy in Greenwood. Violence has no place in this or any other community. We are grateful for the strong response of the first responders, including the heroic actions of the Good Samaritan who stopped the suspect.”

Uh huh.  I’ve seldom obeyed the “no weapons” signs anyway, unless there are metal detectors inside.


  1. I’ve seen a bunch of antis making comments about the “no guns” signs and claiming the the guy was carrying illegally but that isn’t the case. Like in PA except for government offices and other locations specifically codified “no guns” signs do not carry the force of law. In order for a public location like a mall to legally bar you from carrying you have to be personally notified by an assign of the property verbally or in writing as to the prohibition, after which you would be guilty of defiant trespass. The generic signs used most places here in PA usually give me a small private chuckle as they almost always have a clipart image of a firearm that makes me think “good thing I’m not carrying a revolver/Beretta/Glock today”.

  2. In this case, the goblin was carrying a rifle with several extra magazines. (Reports, of course, don’t give any specifics, but at least they didn’t say “clips.”) Apparently he didn’t expect anyone else to have a weapon, because he’d barely started shooting before our hero took him down. (Again, no specifics on what pistol our hero used.)

    I really hope we get more details as the story comes out. When a guy with a handgun takes out a guy with a rifle, it makes me want to know more.

    1. I read elsewhere, not sure of the source, that the hero was carrying a Glock whatever (I don’t bother with model numbers on those) and that he engaged from 50 yards out and made a first shot first hit at that distance.

      Assuming that’s correct, the proverbial “good guy with a gun” is actually a “guy that is good with a gun”.

      As always, “assume” makes an ass out of u and me. But since I read it on the internet it must be true.

      1. Must have been fifty feet, not yards, if it was in the food court. Still, a one-shot kill is always a Good Thing.

        1. Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply a one shot kill. I was just saying the report I read was his first shot hit at 50 yards. Saw another account stating 40 yards. Not sure how many follow-up shots required to reach termination. Plus the goblin was in the food court, not sure where the good guy was standing, but most malls can easily support a long range shot once the crowd gets out of the way.

          But again, this is the internet so no telling the real facts here.

          1. According to the Greenwood PD press conference Monday afternoon, Our Hero fired 10 times with “Extreme Proficiency” while advancing toward the target and urging people to exit.
            Balls as big as jeep tires. Makes me proud to be from Indiana.

  3. Thankfully, most “no weapons” signs carry no legal weight in Indiana (or Florida where I’m at, for that matter).

    Unlike Texas.

  4. Those signs carry no legal weight here in Kansas as well. Interestingly. if that’s your thing, you may purchase your “No Berettas” sign through Kansas Correctional Industries. Guys in stir helping out their friends on the outside.

  5. The local ( Boston Ma ) coverage of this story was telling. The focus of the first several minutes of the coverage. focused on “Another Mall Mass shooting by a gun owner with an EVIL rife. Lots of video clips of scared / panicked mall shoppers and Police SWAT teams wandering around. It wasn’t until the very last sentence of the 4 minute piece that they casually mentioned that “an armed bystander shot the shooter. “

  6. >>” unless there are metal detectors inside.”

    I’m going to point something out that should cause some disquiet. If your metal detector is not manned by an armed man prepared to immediately act against the uncloaking of an armed hostile, they aren’t serious. Not “nearby”, not “callable”, right there, armed and ready. If it is anything less than that they are entirely betting on the decency and good will of the person at the detector who is the only armed person present.

  7. And the winner of this year’s Kyle Rittenhouse Award for Courage and Straight-Shooting is Eli Dicken.

    This young man was great, running to the danger zone and hitting the target in the process.

  8. Do you suppose Eli moved up a notch or two on the “Keeper” scales of both the girlfriend and her dad?

  9. That guy should never have to pay for his own beer or coffee again for the rest of his life.

    Paraphrasing the late, great Jeff Cooper, the goblin does not fear the police, prosecutors, judges, corrections officers or prison so he must learn to fear the armed citizen if we want to see criminals stop plying their trade.


  10. I too have just assumed that the magic runes that are “no guns allowed” signs only applied to evil doers, as they’ve never stopped me from entering…

    I always assumed it was a feature, not a bug. Surely those stupid fucking things work on badguys?

  11. Tomorrow’s news: mall issues lifetime ban on person who killed mall shooter for violating no-gun policy.

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