1. “Now get outta here, and find your own boobs to look at.”

    I’m at work. There are a lot of boobs to look at here. They’re just not the jiggly kind. 🙁

    1. Noticed that too, huh?

      New Wife took one look, and said, “Not that there aren’t enough reasons to avoid Mick Jagger — especially with different socks on — but Alain Delon? Whoo.”

  2. Returning to the office after working from home for a year, motherfucker.

    Fixed it for ya. 😉

  3. When I was overseas for Uncle Sam, we ate our corn flakes with beer. Two reasons: we couldn’t stand the reconstituted milk made with coconut oil, and we couldn’t get Cocoa Puffs to go with our Jack.

  4. I suspect there are very few of us in the U.S. that even know who Alain Delon was (and lived the era). But you have to admit that Mick Jagger looks like dweeb in that photo.

    1. He looks like a dweeb in every photo. I’ve never understood his personal appeal. He looks like an ugly pubescent girl.

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