Here’s the background to this story.

A town put on a carnival, which featured a parade of bands, floats, and so on.  The usual.

A bunch of pranksters decided to pull a fast one, and entered their own (and unapproved) float.

The float featured a sign declaring: ‘Of course we’re women, we sit down to pee’ and ‘Olympics 2024 woman’s 100m final’ – referencing the recent decision from FINA, world swimming’s governing body, who recently adopted a new policy to prohibit transgender women from competing in women’s races.

Three men ran behind the float, which was not officially entered into the carnival and secretly joined the procession on the day of the event, dressed in sports-bras and Speedos while wearing comedy wigs.

They were joined by five women running alongside them, who laughed as they followed the homemade float, which featured a toilet and a man standing in a white coat – appearing to pose as an official referee.

Funny as hell.

All went well until — you guessed it — a passing tranny saw the float, and of course took offense:

Trans stand-up comedian Donna Landy attended the Great Torrington Mayfair and Carnival in Devon back in May and blasted a float for being ‘offensive’ and highlighting a backwards’ viewpoint on transgender issues.

I thought being a comedian required having a sense of humor, but clearly not.  Anyway:

‘I was going to the Torrington Carnival to see my daughters, who were in the parade. I got there a bit late and was just catching up with the procession when I came across this float, the last one in the parade, and was a bit puzzled.

‘When I caught up with the float and read the sign my heart sank, it was clearly mocking trans athletes in sport and by extension all trans people, really.’

Ms Landy said she was worried she ‘could get attacked’ at the event because people could have began ‘mocking her’.

Of course:  afraid for your life, you were, what with Great Torrington being internationally renowned for being a hotbed of tranny oppression.

Needless to say, the carnival issued a groveling apology — despite the float being a “non-approved” entry.  Whatever.

My question for our frightened tranny comedian is quite simple:

Do your daughters call you “Mom” or “Dad”?

I’m guessing “Mom”, as you clearly have no balls.


  1. There’s only 1 way to deal with these mentally deficient, narcissistic, societal misfits and that’s by a sound beating right out in public for anyone to see. I’m talking blood letting and multiple broken bones. Video’d and streamed on the web for all to see. At it’s base, they are frauds.

  2. Well, if he’s trying to be a woman, then the “no sense of humor” part kinda makes sense.

  3. I officially retire the word ‘bit’, as in ‘I got there a bit late’ and ‘was a bit puzzled’.
    A bit is part of the riding rig for a mule or horse.
    A bit goes nicely with reins, the saddle, and cinch.
    Strap your duster behind the cantle, and you are set for the reminder of this collapse.
    Can you imagine re-reading the press-release while picturing the ‘donna’ fellow doing his ‘bit’ routine.
    Stirrups included.

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