Melting Pot

Ah, once again we see the joys of immigration and cultural assimilation:

An Afghan migrant who raped and sexually assaulted multiple young boys and girls defended his vile abuse as ‘normal’ cultural practice in his home country.

He did get 15 years for his “first” offense (raping a 12-year-old boy) and is due to get his pee-pee whacked for a slew of other such atrocities.  Even for the French, this appears to be too much.

I await the wails of the cultural apologists, with interest.

As for the “melting pot” issue so beloved of the open border crowd, allow me to suggest that this melting pot is what I would have in mind for offenders such as the above:

…although no doubt some people would think that this is A Step Too Far, Kim.


  1. Rape USED to be a capital crime — IMNSVHO, quite rightly so. It’s only since, in the words of the Steely Dan song, the moaners were all sanging and such crimes against humanity were removed from the head list that reports of rape have so widely proliferated. I do not say that the two are connected, as that might be a post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy.

  2. Simple punishment for rapists: Castration & Orchiectomy with NO anesthesia, followed within a day by Oak tree, Rope with13 turns on the knot & simple assembly.
    No recidivism, no appeals, no problem.

  3. “…although no doubt some people would think that this is A Step Too Far…”

    Eating ’em once fully cooked would be a step too far.

      1. I don’t much like vegans, but that seems more cruel than their behavior warrants.

        1. Not after seeing what happens when those vegans try raising children on that un-natural diet, it isn’t.

  4. How many Afgans have we let flood into the country after Operation FUBAR Withdrawl?

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