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And speaking of “wrong”:

ordinarily, I would suggest that the Antifa punks’ houses should be firebombed;  but why should their parents suffer?

note that the “official” reasons for quitting are nowhere close to the actual.  But who cares?  The more Democrats out of government, the better.

but did they pave it over, or turn it into an artillery practice target?  Noooo.

And then Roger Kimball posts the rhetorical question:

to quote Meg Ryan:  “Yes!  Yes!  Oh God, YES!”  (link included)

that’s rich;  richer than both of you combined.

key word: …wait… Iowa?

to the complete surprise of ERCOT.  And you want us to be an independent nation?

Dept. Of Assimilation:

Africa wins again.

the Muzzies, in contrast, know exactly what separates men from the hijab-wearers.

kidney, spleen, whatever:  they all look the same.

not gonna say it… not gonna say it

In the “Who Could Tell?” department:

so don’t wear one.  Nobody would notice, Flatty.

And in contrast:

don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

And from the INSIGNIFICA Files:



who she?  you ask.  An interesting story.

“Sarah Jayne Dunn, 40, played Mandy Richardson on [BritTV] soap Hollyoaks for 26 years until she was sensationally dropped last year for having an account on adult subscription site OnlyFans.”  (Actually, they stopped filming the show because Covidiocy, and our Sarah had no other source of income and was pretty much forced into showing off her bod on OnlyFans.  Now she makes far more than she ever did as a TV actress.)

So who she? you ask again.

Not bad for 40, I have to say.  Now I have no idea whether she gets “adventurous” on her OnlyFans pages, and I certainly wouldn’t pay a subscription to see even that because of those prison-quality tattoos (ugh).  But it seems that a large number of Brits are prepared to do so, and so good luck to her, say I.

And that, as they say, is all the news fit to ponder.


  1. > but why should their parents suffer?

    Some of them should suffer for raising such horrible creatures.

    As for the rest, consider it “ending their suffering”. And ours.

    Modernism isn’t the enemy. Postmodernism is.

    1. That was my first thought as well, but then I remembered how both of my daughters, who were raised in a conservative, God fearing household, became raving leftists not long after being exposed to Marxist indoctrination in college. I thought I’d prepared them, but obviously not well enough.
      During the George Floyd protests, my eldest texted me from an anti-police rally she was attending downtown, concerned that there were men wearing camo standing along the top of the parking garage overlooking the park with rifles slung over their shoulders. (Open carry is legal here.) She said it was scary and wanted to know what to do. I suggested she call the police. That wasn’t received well, but it did lead to a good discussion of the role of law enforcement. It reminded me that my daughters may be misguided, but they’re not stupid.

  2. There a company in my area called S&M Amusements. I think they maintain all of the vending machines and arcade machines in the area, but with a name like that, who knows…

  3. Although you graciously forewarned me, I clicked the link for Katie Price and I don’t think I’ll have an erection for at least another hour or 2.

    She looks like a B-grade “women in prison” movie actress.

    And who says that camel-toe is dead?

  4. Texas Independence would mean no more Federal subsidies to build bird-choppers for intermittent power, and no more Federal restrictions on fracking. We might even be able to override the hippies and build a few nuke plants.

    1. Since virtually ALL of Texas is non-Federal land, the Fed ban on fracking is a non-player in TX’s various oil patches – but it has devastated New Mexico’s oil production.

      As to Sarah Jane Dunn, Katie Price, et al:
      Why do nominally attractive women feel compelled to “ink” their bodies, and detract from their natural, God-given, beauty?

  5. “ but why should their parents suffer?”

    Because they raised a pack of feral vermin.

  6. a)
    re — S&M
    Eugene, Oregon.
    We had a gun-shop operated by a Mister ‘S’ and Marv.
    I never met ‘S’.
    Marv stands 6’6″, close to 80-years old.
    Among the loudest most-opinionated grim individuals I know.
    Marv has probably the ultimate collection of original Randall knives.
    At that age, Marv was often away from the shop… an opportunity for the staff to answer the telephone with “S&M, we’re having a Marv-less day!”
    re — katie price link
    Convict trashy trash.
    My diagnosis — not enough spanking.
    And back to lovely downtown Eugene, Oregon…
    re — Ludwig Mies van der Rohe building
    We had one… it housed the Eugene-city bumblebrats.
    Most everybody called it ‘The Authority Complex’.
    Similar to the Frank Lloyd Wright house ‘Falling Water’, it was a work of art, and required pretty much 24/7/360° maintenance to remain standing.
    Somebody got the bright idea to do a ‘Guidestones’ on it, and that minor damage to tons of concrete condemned the whole dang shooting match.
    Demolition easily took longer than constructing it.
    For a decade or so, that city-block is a gravel parking-lot.
    As usual, I suspect a false-flag.
    These days, the bumblebrats are quarantined 10-ish to 3-ish in scattered nondescript rented offices, the better to shuffle papers between desks.

  7. Katie Price: what has been seen cannot be unseen.

    Kelly Brook: some of us know that small breasts are more sensitive, but that’s of no interest to Real Men (TM) is it? Women enjoy sex? Have orgasms? No never!

  8. I love a brain-eating amoebas story, and shout MEEBERS! whenever I see one.

  9. “…Doctors Took Out Wrong Organ …”

    Meanwhile in Uttar Pradesh, inexplicable enthusiasm for Spleen Curry continues to soar.

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