Dangerous Consequences

I couldn’t help but compare the BritRoyals to the Democrats when I saw this article:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, both 40, and Prince George, eight, Princess Charlotte, seven, Prince Louis, four, and their black cocker spaniel Orla were seen leaving their Kensington residence on Monday evening.

The Queen’s antipathy towards helicopters is well known, because she views them as dangerous (e.g. Stevie Ray Vaughan).  Not to be too ghoulish about it, but if that particular chopper went down, it would create an interesting situation vis-a-vis the Royal succession line because after Charles would come — yes — Prince Ginger and his son Archie.

Imagine the scenario where Duchess Meghan CaringSlut one day became Queen… and most likely, Queen Mother in the reign of King Archie.  I would suggest that inheritance of title through birth suddenly looks a lot less appealing.

This is somewhat similar in outcome to the prospect of President Kamala SexToy for the Democrats.


  1. … and after Sleep Your Way to the Top Harris comes Nancy, so they are all safe until January.

  2. I don’t understand the fascination with royalty. We had enough of it here 247 years ago. The current lot seems to be a bunch of nitwits. The queen is staying alive just to spite Charles – the man who would be king – she at least seems like a decent sort, having been a mechanic in WW2. But really, what American could give a hoot about British monarchy these days?

  3. Fear not for royalty in the UK. We have ways of getting rid of unwelcome royals. From cutting of their head (Charles) to chasing them off (James) to forcing them to abdicate (Edward).

      1. The thing to understand is that the Monarch reigns but does not rule. Unless everything goes to rat-shit. Parliament is supreme and the monarchy is in the gift of Parliament.

  4. Regarding VP Harris, it is enlightening how the Richard Nixon Problem was solved as example of what we should watch for in coming months. To get Nixon out of office, his impeachment insurance VP Agnew had to be dealt with first. Following that example, Buttigieg seems to be the Dem/Prog candidate for Harris’ replacement prior to “retiring” Biden. No clue what will be the “cause” chosen for this action, but it almost has to happen as a practical political “solution” to the Biden Problem.

    Just something to keep an eye out for.

    1. I’m thinking the solution to the Harris Problem is remarkably similar to the solution to the Rommel Problem. She doubtless has a bigger role in the January 6 riotous insurrection than has made the news.
      Just sayings, all.

  5. Darwin always gets his man, maybe in this case, his royal house.

    At one point I respected the ginger heir, at least he served. Post Afghanistan? If he’s it, maybe we’ve had enough of the Windsors.

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