Running Like Rats

After the Supremes finally decided that the Constitution (and its Second Amendment) is, after all, the supreme law of the land, the Scumbag States are scurrying around, trying to find loopholes.

New York and a half a dozen other states with similar laws now must decide their next steps. As with New York, California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Rhode Island all have legislatures controlled by Democrats who could propose measures to ensure that guns will not be allowed in certain places.

Of course, “blood will run in the streets”, “violence will increase” (like it hasn’t already, even with those earlier laws in place), and my favorite:  “The epidemic of gun violence sweeping our nation demonstrates daily the folly of introducing more guns into this boiling cauldron.”  All the usual scare tactics, and all the usual disregard of actual facts — that carry laws haven’t caused any such thing.

Still glad to be living in a state which isn’t afraid of its citizens being armed.

Afterthought:  by the way, the article states that the Supreme Court’s decision was “an expansion of gun rights”, which is a total lie.  What the decision did was reaffirm gun rights, rights which should never have been infringed in the first place.


  1. It was a reduction of gun restrictions, which if you are riling up a herd of ignoramuses, what’s the difference?

  2. A popular meme floating around is that the Bill of Rights did not grant us the Right to Keep and Bear Arms; but that it restricts the ability of government to infringe upon that Right.

    The aforementioned “Scumbag States” will work overtime attempting to circumvent this ruling affirming the meaning and scope of the 2nd-Amendment, and we can only hope that the existing coalition on the Court (looking at you, Mr. Senior Justice Thomas), will be around long enough to out-last those efforts. We must remember though, that defending Freedom & Liberty is a never-ending struggle requiring constant vigilence.

    1. These issues were resolved in Heller and McDonald yet many states ignored those decisions by SCOTUS. Several states will continue to ignore SCOTUS decisions that they do not like until SCOTUS or the Executive branch of the government enforces the SCOTUS decisions.


      1. I’m expecting an end run around this decision in the form of painful taxes on guns and/or ammo and a pile of paperwork at multiple locations to make owning a gun most inconvenient.
        To me, these are de facto infringements, but how long will it take those suits to wend trough the courts, and at what cost to the plaintiff?

        As to visitors to the newly pissed off states, they still won’t be able to defend themselves even with CCW permits, as many states already refuse to honor other states’ CCW.
        So if I go north into Maryland or farther, I’ll still have to go naked and afraid.

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