News Roundup

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So let’s get cooking with some news:

which is quite true, if by “historically” you mean 1935.

and as a last resort, bagpipes, although the ASPCA might have had a problem with that.

just another part of his master plan to win an election in Texas.  And talking of Beta-politics:

just a pair of Commies chatting cozily over a nice hot cup of blood.  Corollary:

Canadian Firearm Retailers Sell Out of Handguns
every time.  You’d think they’d learn, but Commies never do.

like any Commie believes in fairness, and the rule of law.  How about this one, for example:

because democracy is just a guideline, really.

and no, her name was not Betty-Sue Johnson.

And speaking of yet more domestic terrorists:

do we really need to even ask this question?

LOL.  This is going to end well.

nah, he should ruin the lying bitch, as an object lesson to other lying bitches who might be tempted to follow her example.

And in more INSIGNIFICA:


..and once again, here’s young Paige, this time in golf-appropriate clothing:

So much for the news…


  1. Ah Paige, doing her part to stimulate those morning (or any other time for that matter) erections.

  2. So Mama’s a firecro-, er, genuine ginger, then? A little more zaftig than the women you usually go for, Kim.

    Damn! Paige Spiranac’s got a great pair of legs. (I’m a leg man, so sue me.)

  3. Paige is a wonderful course decoration, but I question the smoothness of her swing.

  4. So Johnny Depp may waive collection of the 8 million Amber Heard owes him.
    Right, because she has showed herself to have such excellent character in this dispute that she shouldn’t have to pay for a little misunderstanding.

    Look up what “Depp” means in German. He’s living up to every low expectation of intellectual power that word carries.

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