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And on we go;  first, from the Dept. Of The Blindingly Obvious:

you mean, bringing back the stuff we should never have let go in the first place?

OR, we could just go back to hiring courageous cops instead of cowardly assholes.

okay.  So can we also dispense with that “right to a fair trial” Constitutional bullshit for you and your type? Deal.

only the French could surrender after telling the truth.

key word:  Pakistan.

only if we entrust the future to you assholes.

have they also been experimenting on Antifa Millennials?  I think we should be told.

guess that means Lynyrd Skynyrd won’t be playing...  And speaking of which:

priorities, priorities.

stick to basketball, Coach, and I won’t tell you how to recruit players.

“i thnk i jst saw a grzzly”



And finally, on a related note:  here’s someone nobody ever heard of, whose chief claim to fame is that she was a UK Big Brother cast member about five years ago:

…and here she is today:

For those interested, she has a MASSIVE tattoo right under her (fake) boobs.

So much for the news.


  1. So if the CMA Festival bans the Rebel flag there is only one good reply. Blue painted tiddies with a white star sticker on the nipple. It’s the only way.

  2. That tech clown stating that a drone with a tazer would take out a shooter is full of it. The failure rate for cops is at least 50% when they attempt it on non-shooting people that are basically just standing there. Clothing type is the biggest problem, and we’re not even talking about tactical gear that is becoming common for the mass shooter types.

  3. The woman from Big Brother really let herself go. Never seen a woman that me think “hey, a tattoo sure would enhance her beauty”

    Tazers on drones? utter foolishness. a pistol has a magazine capacity of multiple cartridges but tazers generally do not


  4. > …stick to basketball, Coach, and I won’t tell you how to recruit players.

    Krzyzewski retired from coaching at the end of this last school year. (And he’s 75, so it’ll probably stick.) You’re seeing Ye Newly At Leisure Olde Farte who hasn’t figured out what to do with himself yet.

  5. Beck in Sow Theffrica we would call her a vris chick. Couch rugby, sofa wrestling, she would always come out on top.

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