Three Oldies

…that I inexplicably still find sexy.  I know I know, they are long past their “Use By” date, but still…

Cyndi Lauper (75)

I just think she’d be great fun.

Marsha Blackburn (70)

Like so many beautiful women in this country, she’s a native of Laurel, MS.

Blythe Danner (79)

Always loved her, and would love to meet her in person, as long as she didn’t bring her dreadful daughter (Gwyneth Paltrow) along.


  1. Just happened to pick up the 4k disc of musical 1776. Blythe has a couple of very nice scenes dancing and singing.

  2. Got to meet Marsha a few years ago and let her know how proud we Tennesseans are of her

    Did not state the obvious-namely, that I’d drink her bathwater

  3. the last time I saw Cyndi Lauper perform it was on the Esplanade for the Boston Pops. She rubbed up and down the conductor, Keith Lockharte to the point she was dry humping him in public. She’s nothing but a poor man’s Madonna.


  4. Marsha is definitely an older woman crush. I loved the photo of her showing up for the Senate vote to confirm ACB wearing a fur and a mask with the Grin and Barrett logo on it. Marsha was the one wearing the fur not ACB

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