1. In one of her movies, she mastered the use of the bullwhip which reportedly cowed the rest of the cast, even the Indians.

      1. Last night on GRIT McClintock was on. Yep, she was pissed. LOL Gorgeous, yes. But pissed.

  1. She’s gorgeous and a natural at acting.

    I’ve been to the area where the Quiet Man was filmed. It’s very beautiful. I wish I knew how to fly fish because there are some nice areas to fish in that area.


    1. From “The Quiet Man”, or from “McClintock!, or does it matter? 😉

  2. Mo and John Wayne paired well together in all their movies. And she brought the heat well into her later life. Kids in my day had Farrah Fawcett posters on their wall. I’d have hung up a swimsuit poster of Maureen in a heartbeat. But as admitted before I’m a bit of an outlier

  3. I rewatched The Quiet Man on Friday. Great film and such a beautiful leading lady.

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