I know, I know:  when shooting a bear out of season, the best advice is “Shoot, Shovel, Shut Up”.

It’s a little difficult to follow that, though, when you and your wife are covered with bear bites and the fucking corpse is lying in your hallway, bleeding into the carpet:

A couple living in Wisconsin said they killed a bear when it attacked them inside their house on Friday, leaving them injured. The incident took place not long after the couple noticed the animal was eating from their bird feeder, the Associated Press (AP) reported Sunday.

Officials with the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office said the incident happened late that night at the residence near Medford, and according to the couple, the bear crashed through a window after they shouted at the animal to scare it away.

“Both the husband and wife were injured before they were able to stab the bear with a kitchen knife. Eventually, the man was able to grab a firearm and kill the animal,” the AP article continued.

A photo showed the bear lying on the floor in a hallway.

Also good advice:  don’t bring a knife to a bear fight.

For those ignorant of Wisconsin, Medford is smack dab in the middle of nowhere the state, and close to a national forest.


  1. Bear meat is good. It’s a lot of work to dress one out, though, even if you’re not injured.

    1. you’re absolutely right about the comments, LibertyMan. They’re well worth reading


  2. Ibram Kendi and Shaun White are going to gin up the protest since Black Bears matter


  3. Reminds me of a clip from a Simpson’s episode when it was funny, “book ’em Lou! One count of being a bear and one count of accessory to being a bear”

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