Back Home

Got back to my lair (see above) late last night, and am now safely ensconced therein.

Of course, nothing ever runs to plan, and in this case it’s because Stupid Kim forgot his laptop power cord in Boise.  But thanks to the ever-resourceful Mo K., it should be delivered to my sooper-seekrit mailing address sometime this afternoon, so proper blogging should recommence tomorrow.  See y’all then.


  1. That’s just a 37mm. You need something lots bigger to correctly play “get off my lawn”.

    1. That was my thinking too, he’ll want to upgrade to at least a Pak 40.
      That “Doorknocker” isn’t going to cut it.

    2. 12 Pound Napoleon with double cannister will do the trick. Talk about red mist!

      1. Ah, that explains the brick fortifications. Get them to update the rules, those went out officially before Fort Sumter.

        And the grass needs trimming!

  2. I’m guessing “the Big Gun” got lost (with some others) in the unfortunate boating accident you had a few years back. Since than you’ve had to make due with the little gun. I hate it when that happens.

  3. Wandering off in an entirely different direction, if computers are so d*mn great, why do they still need power cords? Why can’t they just suck the necessary energy right out of the sky? Why doesn’t Elon Musk do something about THAT?

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