1. They can keep their snow. I’m ready for Spring and outdoor range time.

    Despite the storms I hope your trip is fun.


  2. This time of year, in Colorado, spring usually happens only in the afternoon after the morning snow melts.

  3. That snow and cold is YOUR fault! The exhaust spewing from your car is causing the global warming you are driving through. If you had been green and bought a wonderful, glorious electric car the snow would stop, a warm green spring morning would dawn and the world would be a better place. AND while you are on your way to the electric car dealer, drop off all of your nasty dangerous evil guns at the scrap metal place to be melted down & made into wind turbines. Oh! I almost forgot, change your political party to the honest & honorable green dimocrat one to save humankind from itself.
    There, Kim, I’ve saved the world with a few little changes.

  4. Forecast to hit 95 in College Station Saturday…we’re almost into summer.

  5. Didn’t even get the tractor out for that little skiff of snow. Did you chain-up?

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