Travel Travails

And lo did Your Humble Narrator arrive with his squire, Mark C. unto the hostelry known as the House Of So-Called Friend Jay K. and his Wyffe, the lovely Mo (who is most surely a Witch).

And these fiends did ply Our Weary Travelers with much drinke, most especially the liqueuere called Morangie for Your Humble Narrator, and for his squire a hogshead of ale brewed locally.

There was Feasting and Merriment unto an hour so late that the cocks had long since crowed and gone back in for their Cockly Breakfast, of what I know not.

And there was no Bloggynge script inscribed, for which Your Humble Narrator begs fulsome pardonne.

With heads verily sore, and throats as the desert, did Our Weary Travelers resume their journey south, more or lesse, towards the city close to the mountains, in which it is said there lurk many dragons who would steal most foully Your Humble Narrator’s trusty Sword.


  1. Pickle juice or Pedialyte works wonders. Also, I never had any trouble in and around Denver when I traveled with a firearm.

  2. Sounds as if y’all be havin’ ye olde goode time before y’all get to the place where y’all be plannin’ to have ye olde goode time

    1. Pre-written, and posted by a passer-bye who helped schlep the drunk into the back seat.

  3. From the sounde of today’s poste, methinks they were partaking in absinthe infused withe a couple hits of acide. 😛

  4. It was a pleasure having you. Sorry I had to rush out the door this morning but I was already late for my conference with the vendors, and hung over to boot.

    Do come back soon! And bring Mark.

  5. if I have to drive after a night of frivolity, I keep Pedialyte orange or grape on ice in a small ice chest near the driver’s seat. It sure helps with any aftereffects of the partying, and cuts way down on any possible motion sickness during the drive.

  6. LOL, as all the cool kids say.

    Ye Olde Englishe writing transformed a quick side story into a glittering gem.

    Well done!

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